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My Friend John

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I don't have time right now for a relationship. My business is picking up very well & I spend most of my time working or working out. What little down time I have is for me & I enjoy my own company. I love sex, a lot! I learned long ago how to satisfy my sexual needs long before I had my first boyfriend.

I am very fit & even though I don't have a huge chest I catch guys looking my boobs because my nipples are most often hard. I wear light sheer clothes most of the time. I like to look professional yet sexy. I think I pull it off well & if it gets me more clients, so be it. When I'm not dressing for business I dress very sexy & if I'm running or working out I wear as little as possible. Because I don't want a guy right now does not mean I don't want to be attractive to guys. It's a real thrill for me to see so many guys looking at me all the time. It's also good fuel for masturbating if I'm not close to my t.v. or computer. I like watching some sexy movie or if I'm in the mood I'll look at pictures of very hot naked men. I'll flip over to Solo Touch sometimes to see if there are any new juicy stories. I also link up to a site that has nothing but hot guys wanking their cocks. That's one of my favorite things to watch while I masturbate. It's just me & as many guys wanking & cumming as I want. I sleep so well after an hour of multiple orgasms.

I have a friend John who was measuring up to do a small renovation at my home. He was just pulling in the drive right on time as I was getting back from my morning run. I was all sweaty with my hair pulled back & looked like hell, or that's what I thought. We went inside & noticed John kept looking at my body. The no make-up & bad hair took nothing away from my figure. I was wearing real short cut spandex shorts & a spandex top with a built in bra that holds them in place but my nipples poke right through.

When John came back the following week one night for a check on fit I made sure to look hot that evening. I had to be home a bit early & the sun was still on the deck & hot. I rushed home & put on my favorite sunning wear, a yellow thong bikini. Believe me, it looks so good on my body. You can see every little muscle & curve on my 5'6' body.

I only had a few minutes. I left the side door open to the screen with music just loud enough to hear. I went to my deck & took my garden hose & misted it into the air letting it fall back down on me. Then I laid out to make it look like I had been there a while. A few minutes later I heard the side door chime but I ignored it. Soon I heard the creek of the screen door & John saying hello. I still kept quiet & then I heard John walk out onto the deck. I pretended to be startled & jumped up to great him. I love doing things like that. The look on his face was priceless!

John brought in his stuff & did his test fit as he called it. I made sure to be there & watch him & did his eyes wonder. When he was done I invited him for a cold drink before leaving. We went out to the deck & sat at my glass top table. John could see all the way down to my toes just the way I like it.

The evening sun was going down & the conversation ended up about our relationships passed for me & present for him. John's live in long time girl was no longer that interested in him & he wanted a new relationship. He was hinting around but I told him I was not looking for a relationship right now & I don't do casual sex. When he asked why I told him the truth. I did it a few times in the past & found it left me wanting to see the guy again if it was good or feeling discussed with myself if was bad. Because I was feeling very sexy at the time we were talking I told him about my passion for masturbating. That first sentence perked him right up. I told him a few stories about when & how I learned & who taught me. John really liked hearing about it & asked lots of questions about my first time & when I told him of my mutual mastering with my friend who taught me I thought he would die.

Then John popped a question on me that I was not ready for. He asked if I'd ever did mutual masturbation with a guy. I told him I had done a bit while kissing prior to sex. He said 'no I don't mean like that'. 'Have you ever done it like with your friend? You know, just two people being together while masturbating'? I knew what he wanted now but I needed to think a bit. Could I do this? Why not, I told myself. I'm feeling really horny & as soon as he's gone I'll be doing it like crazy anyway. Why not look at a real guy? So I asked John. 'Are you asking me if I'll masturbate with you'? John hesitated for just a moment, then with a boyish smile said 'yes, I'm asking if we can do it together'.

I got John a towel & he showered while I got my head ready for this. My pussy was squishy already. I got myself a big white towel & after taking off my bikini wrapped it around my body. I curled up on the big chair that faces the love seat. Soon John came out with the towel around his waist. I pointed to the love seat & asked him to sit down. I laid sideways on the chair letting one leg hang over the side & the other on the floor pointing my toes out as far as my leg would stretch. I looked at John & slowly drew back my towel & after letting him look at my body for only a few seconds asked him what he was waiting for. John sat like a King sitting straight & tall on the love seat. He had both feet flat on the floor with his shoulders back showing off his hard body. 'I think you should start first' I said but John convinced me it was ladies first. I agreed but only once his towel was off. John pulled his towel back & I was shocked. His penis was large! It was long & thick & was laying off to one side. I had no problem telling him he had one of the largest cocks I had even laid eyes on for real.

I slid a few fingers inside to wet them then began rubbing my clit. I loved feeling so sexual & sensual at the same time. I told John I wanted him to join me so he picked up his big cock. I thought it was odd the way he did it. He only used two fingers. He was circumcised for sure. He put his fingers about centre of his cock & ran them up & down. I had only watched the guys on computer & they usually used some clear lube or held on with all fingers at once.

John & I had a real nice time together that night. I'm able to have multiple orgasms & that night was better than some. I'm not sure how many times I came but John told me after that he thought it was about 14, not that he was counting he said. John only came once. He lasted a long time before he asked me if he should cum. I told him if he was ready I'd love to see him cum. John's two fingers slid up & down his big cock & I made sure not to look away. The blast of sperm is my favorite part. I leaned forward & stopped rubbing my clit waiting for it. John's body went stiff & I knew it was time. Then he told me he was about to cum.

Then his cock erupted like a volcano! His sperm shot nice & high. He shot at least four of five good high squirts followed by small drools that just ran out & down his big cock. John was giving his cock short little strokes at the bottom of his cock while the cum was still drooling out. I could see his stomach muscles move with each squirt of cum & now it was every few seconds with no cum. I clapped almost silently & smiled at him. John smiled back at me thanking me for being such a good person & for sharing this with him. He said it was one of the best nights of his life. John said it was quite different not touching each other & asked me if I may change my mind. I assured him it would not happen but maybe we could get together now & then to masturbate again.

John did something real nice for me that maybe should be in another story. It would be a short one so maybe I'll do it as a separate story. He's such a great guy.




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