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Finding Out my Boyfriend Likes Weird Things!

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How I started pleasuring my boyfriend in new ways...

My boyfriend and I had a pretty traditional sex life. It wasn't super great but yeah, it was good! We did the basic stuff, foreplay meant kissing and undressing each other, oral sex, and then variations of three positions - missionary, me on top and doggy style. I think this is what most people do. I was satisfied. I mean, it wasn't the most inspiring lovemaking known to man, but we both had orgasms and we had sex regularly. So, definitely nothing to complain about! One day he called me from work. I was at home and he asked me to go on his computer to move some documents into his dropbox folder so he could get to them from his work computer. I did that and we hung up. Then I went online through the browser. I don't usually use his computer at all, I have mine and he has his. I wanted to play some music so I typed an M as we both use the Google Music service and expected to see music.google.com pop up in the history (like it does on my computer). But what caught my eye were a couple of hits beginning with the word "mistress" - for example "mistress gives a teasing handjob" and other such things. I started snooping around more and saw that he had visited tons of content like this. Stories, videos, pics, everything. He seemed to search for handjobs and milking, prostate massages and ruined orgasms. Mind you I hadn't even heard of half of the things I found... I wasn't at all angry, of course I knew he looked at porn. Of course that's okay, guys will be guys.... and besides, I quite like porn myself. This was never a secret between us. But the TYPE of porn definitely came as a surprise for me. So when he came home I told him what had happened and he was incredibly embarrassed about it. I just basically told him I wish he had told me about what he really likes. He said something like he didn't want to because those are just guy fantasies anyway, hardly any women are into those things. I told him of course I am willing to try things that he likes, things that excite him. So we watched a few videos together that night, he explained what he liked about them and showed me his favorite bookmarks. He told me he'd love for me to learn how to edge him with a handjob, keeping him right on the edge, and asked if I wanted to try that. Soon I had him on the bed in front of me with his legs spread, his swollen cock already begging for attention as I lubed up my hands. I used my fingers lightly on the head, enjoying the response of his dick. He showed me where that sensitive fold of skin is right under the head and I rubbed that lightly with one finger, watching him squirm at my touch. What struck me as so incredibly exciting about this was how he submitted to me. He had never done that before. He always called the shots during sex. When to change position, which position to do, how he wanted my legs, turning me over when he wanted to. Now he was right there on the bed, letting me do whatever I decided to him. It was a really fun change! I decided to test the waters and told him to turn around and "show me that cute little butt" and sure enough he did, right away. He stood on all fours on the bed in front of me now and I applied more oil to my hands. I admired the view and told him I saw this in one of the videos he likes so much as I reached between his legs and pulled his cock downward from his belly so I had it pointing straight down toward the mattress and milked him with slow, tight strokes. Every now and then I stopped and ran my fingers down over his anus, balls, over the shaft of his dick and around the head a couple of times, enjoying his moaning. At this point I could start to see small contractions around his anus and his moaning got stronger. Whenever this happened I let go of his penis, gave him a firm slap on the butt and told him "Sweetheart, no." or just "No.", always with an accompanying slap. I've never felt hotter. I was in control! Or, so I thought... I took my stroking too far at one point and I saw the first dribble of cum. I let go, letting his cock bounce back up toward his belly, but it was too late, and now I had a decision to make. Do I grab his throbbing cock again and help him out, stroking through his orgasm, or do I not do anything and ruin it for him? I decided to not pleasure him to the end, I just bent my head in to peek between his legs and I saw the cum on the mattress. He was rock hard and leaking cum, and he was thrusting his hips as if fucking someone invisible, grunting and moaning. I sighed, told him, "Babe I think we both have a lot to learn" and that made us both laugh.



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