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This One Time during Yearbook Class

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My first story, I know it's long but I hope you like it


This all happened when I was a junior in High School. I was the Editor in Chief for the school yearbook. We were a small school of only around 300 students and almost everybody knew everybody else in my grade. My boyfriend and I had just broken up for the third and final time after I had visited him over spring break at his college. When I came back from the trip I was determined to not let the jerk weigh me down.

I had always known that another editor on the yearbook staff had a crush on me. He was this really handsome guy, and he always was really nice. I had always stayed away from him, mainly because I didn't want to get involved with anybody else while still technically together with my BF (even long before called it quits it felt like it was over).

About two weeks after I came back from spring break this all happened. Since after April the yearbook has to be done, there was nothing left to do during class. The editors would often just leave and or wander and hang around campus. I usually left but today I had this urge to stick around and hang with the others. The Editor I had previously mentioned always stuck around (I later found out he had a sister and he had to wait to take her home.) And since I was feeling like being a bit flirty I decided to wander with him. I think from now on I will call him Mark, a name I have always thought would be fun to yell, if you catch my drift.

Anyway, let me get back on topic. Me and 'Mark' started talking, just about random stuff, school, our plans for college, work, music, stuff like that. Along the way though, I started to flirt with him a bit. In the beginning I think he was a bit oblivious to it but after a while he started flirting back. Our conversation also started to veer more towards the sexual as the flirting increased.

This would probably be a good place to describe Mark. He says he is 6ft 3in but I think he is selling himself short. In my opinion he is a good 6ft 5in. A very large contrast to my 5ft 8in. He has really short brown hair buzzed almost to the scalp, only half an inch or so in length. I think it's because he's Northern European and only moved to America a few years ago (His English though is perfect, he is in AP English and everything, he also started helping me in English). He isn't Mr. Buff but by no way is he fat. He just isn't a jock. He actually is the yearbooks tech editor, meaning he does all the technical stuff with the computers, odd considering he looks nothing like the part.

And to describe me. I'm 5ft 8in as I said, have dark blonde to light brown hair, and 36C boobs. I trim 'down there' but never totally shave it off.

Anyway, back to the story. The talk started moving to the more sexual and I soon was starting to get wet. I also saw that Mark was covering something up. As we were flirting I needed to use the bathroom to pee so I excused myself and went, as I was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom I started getting this idea. I hadn't masturbated in about 4 days and was really horny from our talk. I decided to push it a bit and took off my bra and thong and I also unbuttoned one extra button in my blouse. I stuffed them in my pocket and ran to my car to drop them off there. As I was returning onto campus Mark was at the entrance and we started talking again. Within two minutes he asked me, 'Didn't you have a bra on before you went to the bathroom?'

I was totally dumb founded, I never thought he would be too bold or direct. 'Maybe' was all I said.

We started out on our last subject again and soon I was becoming wet again. Only this time, without my thong on to catch my wetness, I started to feel it running down the inside of my leg, this only got me wetter.

We were on the subject of kisses, who had kissed who in the last week in our circle of friends, when was our first kiss, that sort of stuff, then all of a sudden Mark leans in and kisses me right on the lips, I am so wet and horny and by now have developed a total crush for him that I immediately replied by adding tongue. We were in the middle of campus so we decided to move to a more secluded spot.

We started going at it for real once we were out of sight. And then I could not take it anymore, I put Mark's hand on my boob. He started playing with them and I felt like I could cum right there and then. I think Mark was only expecting it to be kissing and a bit of fondling but I was so horny and in such a need to cum at this point I had lost all my inhibitions. I just broke away from our kiss, hiked up my knee length jean skirt and stuck three fingers up myself with one hand and was rubbing my clit with the other. I saw Mark was totally astounded. And he looked around as though he was on some hidden camera show for a second. Then he moved closer toward me and unzipped his pants. 7 1/2 inches is all I can say, and at least 3 in circumference. He could very much be a porn actor if he wanted to. Seeing that massive piece of meat was too much and I came right there. Not only did I cum, I exploded, I had squirted a little before but this was a lot more. Mark must have loved the sight for he came within 30 seconds.

We were still so horny though. Once Mark finished he laid me down on the ground and unbuttoned my blouse. He started to caress my boobs and gently kiss them, licking my nipples until they were rock hard. He slowly made his way down my body, slowly along my stomach, up my thighs tracing just the tip of his finger along my skin, and just millimetres away from my pussy. But he never touched it and he did this for at least 30 minutes. All this time I was growing wet again and was back to my orgasmic high. He kept me just before orgasm so long I thought I would die. I tried to slip a hand between my legs and finish off but he held them down. Then, he slowly made his way back from my boobs along my stomach and to my pussy. He took his thumb and pointer finger to rub my clit and then slowly slipped his other hand, with 3 fingers, into my pussy, he didn't move it, He just kept it in my pussy, and she was sucking him in. Then just as I though I could no longer hold it he pressed on my g-spot.

I felt the walls of my pussy contract, sucking his fingers in further and they would not let go, I screamed so loud and long. My hips lifted off the ground, all that was supporting me were my shoulders and my feet.

I had never experienced something like that. Needless to say we started going out, but after that time, he would always stick something else of his in me. *wink*



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