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My Friend Amanda

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I discovered this site six months ago, trying to find new ways to explore my body. Nothing in my life has ever happened to describe it here, until last weekend.


I was sleeping at my friend Amanda's last weekend. We had spent a long day at the pool, and I had just showered and put on my bathrobe, and joined Amanda in the family room. She was sitting on the couch, and I laid down across her using the armrest as a pillow. We were watching the TV, and Amanda was lightly massaging my shoulder which felt sooo good. Amanda told me she wished her breasts were as big as mine, and I looked down, and my bathrobe had spread slightly open, exposing my left breast and nipple.

I pulled the bathrobe closed, and told Amanda she had very nice Tata's, and she just laughed and slid her hand down into my bathrobe, and rubbed my breast. At first I was shocked, but it felt so nice. She opened up my bathrobe, and pulled me up, with my back against her chest, and ran her arms under my armpits, and cupped both breasts with her hands. She lightly ran her thumbs over my nipples until they became erect, and I just laid my head back on her shoulder, closed my eyes and enjoyed it.

Amanda started to slowly move her right hand down onto my stomach, rubbing and tracing her fingers across my stomach and belly button, while still massaging my left nipple. When she slipped a finger inside my panties, I didn't care anymore. I spread my legs apart, and soon she was toying with my clit with her middle finger. I was so wet, and when she brushed my clit, I moaned lightly, and Amanda commented on my wetness. Her touch was perfect. She rubbed the sides of my clit, and underneath, not just the top like boys do. She alternated between playing with my clit, and running her finger around my labia, and probing gently inside for wetness, then using the wetness to slicken my clit, and then start all over. It felt so good, and made me so relaxed. No tension, no apprehension, just pure pleasure and relaxation. Her slow rhythmic rubbing had me at a plateau, great pleasure but not on the edge of orgasm, and I wanted it to last forever.

After about 10 minutes, Amanda pulled her hand out, and quietly told me to take my robe and panties off. I quickly shed them and returned to her lap, spreading out across the couch. She went back to my pussy, with the same pace, and I shut my eyes. She shifted to her left hand, and began playing with my right nipple with her right hand. A couple of minutes later, she lowered her head and licked my left nipple. She swirled her tongue, then flicked it over my nipple, then closed her mouth, sucked on its erect nub, then slowly exhaled, her warm breath over my wet nipple sent a chill down my spine. She didn't let up, and the special attention to my nipples, and the teasing of my clitoris was sending me closer. I started to thrust my hips into her hands, and Amanda finally started to quicken her pace. I looked down and saw her head buried on my nipple suckling like a baby, her one hand pinching my other nipple, and her other hand rubbing my very wet pussy furiously. I saw a droplet of me fly off her finger and land on my thigh, and the sight sent me off. I threw my head back and felt the orgasm grow from the mild tingle, to the incredible crescendo of a mind blowing orgasm. My clit throbbed in complete sensitivity, and I pulled her hand away. I looked down and saw my clitoris peeking out, wet and bright pink, it twitched.

I laid there catching my breath. Amanda and I didn't speak, she was still gently rubbing my breast and my inner thigh. I'm surprised that I didn't feel any guilt, or any embarrassment, laying there completely naked sprawled with my legs wide open, and Amanda completely clothed beneath me, but I didn't. I just felt great. I finally stood, put on my bathrobe, and looked at Amanda and said wow. I sat down, and asked Amanda if she would like me to return the favor, and she nodded no. I asked her why, and said just smiled and said helping me get off was all she needed right now. We talked a little about it, and I described how good it was, and what felt the best, but not to long before we started watching a movie. Around midnight, I heard the automatic garage door open, and fortunately looked over towards the door from the den, and spied my panties on the floor. I quickly grabbed them and hid them behind a cushion, sat up, and seconds later, Amanda's parents entered. They quickly left for the master bedroom wing of the house, and Amanda mouthed they're going to fuck, while sliding her finger in and out of her closed fist.

We went to Amanda's room on the other wing of the house, and Amanda undressed as I shed my robe. Amanda stared at my breasts and said God I would love to have those. I looked at her as she took off her bra, and reminded her, you already had them earlier.

Her small but perky breasts fell out of her bra, and I told her they were very nice. Her nipples were large and pink, and I reached out and traced a circle around one with my fingernail. She walked forward, and placed her nipple against mine, then pulled our bodies together. I put my arms around her waist, and felt her smooth soft skin, then ran my hands down to her butt, and pulled her into me. She leaned down and began to suckle me again, and the chills ran down my spine. She raised her head up, leant forward and gently kiseed me. I opened my mouth, and soon we were kissing deep, the mint of her toothpaste tingling my tongue. Amanda puled us down onto her bed, and our hands quickly explored each others skin. I ran my hand into her crotch, and found her pussy. I searched for her clit, and when I found it, realized it was much smaller, and more hidden than my own. But as I began to tease it with my fingernail, she moaned, rolled over and spread her legs wide, allowing me easy access.

I masturbated her. Not as gently as she did to me, but with greater passion, sliding my fingers into her warm wet hole with one hand, and rubbing her tiny clit with the other. She pulled my head down to her nipple, and I took it, rolling its hard end between my lips, then lightly biting, and sucking it. She arched her back, hissed she was cumming, then jerked several times, covering my hand with juice. She immediately rolled over and began touching me. She kissed down my stomach, but I held her head. I didn't want her to eat me, and she moved her way back up sucking my nipples and finger fucking me. I came a second time, and we fell asleep, nude in each others arms. I awoke to the touch of her hand on my breast in the middle of the night, and I let her get me off a third time. I woke her in the early morning and did the same for her.

Four days have passed, and we've done it again each day. This morning I showed Amanda this site, and told her I was going to write about us. She is sitting on my bed, her legs open, her cute little snatch waiting for me, as soon as I finish reading this to her, and hit send.



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