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Answering an Ad

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I am twenty five as is my BGF Terri. About a month ago we were sitting around trying to decide on something completely different to do. Terri is far more adventurous than I and out of the blue she suggests that one of us respond to a female-female ad that are so prevalent on the net and see what it is like. We flipped a coin and I got the 'honors.' we looked very carefully and finally found a really attractive woman of about my age whose ad indicated she was just looking for some sexual pleasure and no long-term relations. I contacted her and we set a place to meet that was good for both of us. When we met I wasn't disappointed in any way. She was very cute with a terrific body. We had both exchanged photos previously so we had a good idea of what the other person looked like. I can only assume from what happened next that Donna was also pleased with me.

She suggested that we go to her apartment if that was OK with me. that's what we did. We started off by enjoying a glass of wine and talking. After about a half hour Donna took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. As we stood there she took off her top and I did the same. Next came her bra. Her tits were lovely with nice large areolas which were quite a bit darker than the rest of her skin. actually they were a medium brown against pale skin. Although I was sexually excited as soon as we met I was now getting totally aroused just from looking at her tits. Now there's something I can share with Terri. I couldn't believe I was reacting this way to seeing tits. I removed my bra and she reached forward and just put the tip of a finger on the nipple of each tit. It felt like little jolts of electricity going down to my groin and my lower belly. she told me that mine were so hard. I then touched hers. This was the first time I had touched a female body. She told me to kiss them and I happily did. she then kissed mine and I loved it. Donna then removed her skirt revealing well-shaped legs and a round butt. She wore thong panties with just a little cloth patch covering her pussy. I didn't look so bad myself in my black bikini panties with a bit of lace trim. I had trimmed my pussy hair so that it was very short and nothing stuck out of the leg bands. We then got on the bed and started kissing. Donna then sat up next to me and began to really pay attention to my tits. She spent several minutes playing with my tits and nipples and then she began sucking on one while playing with the other. Harder and harder she squeezed my one nipple until I said, 'OW.' funny thing was that after she stopped I wanted her to do it again. Shee then pinched my other nipple quite hard. It hurt but it also felt good if that makes any sense. She did this to me two more times. Donna then started kissing my tummy and she put her tongue into my belly button. I could tell by now that I was getting very wet down below and I very much wanted to shove my fingers up my pussy but I held back and let her do what she wanted to do to me. She was wearing a terrific perfume that made me want to actually lick her whole body. Donna pulled down my panties and ran her fingers over my pussy several times. She was drawing lines over it with her fingernail and I couldn't stop myself from raising my knees and spreading my legs. She ran her nails up and down the inside of my thighs and just very lightly brushed the inside of my pussy with her nail. I was about ready to explode. She started to lightly slap the inside of my pussy and each slap sent a sensation traveling througout my groin. I was panting when I asked her to do it harder.

She began slapping harder and I didn't want her to stop. With each slap you could hear the wetness inside of me. By now there was some on my thighs and a couple drops on my butt. After a minute of so Donna stopped slapping and asked me if I wanted her to put something up my butt that would feel good. I said sure and she took an acrylic rod from her night table and moistened it with my pussy fluid. I turned over and put my butt up in the air. She slowly put it up my butt. It hurt going in but once in I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling. Donna moved it in and out while she fingered me with her other hand. I knew I was adout ready to cum and I told her so. She immediately stopped fingering me and took the rod out of my butt. She said I wasn't going to cum until she was ready to let me cum. I so badly wanted to have an orgasm right then but I didn't. Donna now suggested we reverse roles and we did. She removed her panties and I saw that she was completely shaved. Her pussy looked so nice and neat without the hair. I knew mine was coming off tomorrow. I started playing with her beautiful brown nipples but she wanted me to go right to her pussy. She spread her legs wide open and told me to finger her which I very eagerly did. I had her fluids all over my hand. She started saying, 'squeeze it, squeeze it.' I couldn't miss her clit which stuck out a bit and was almost purple and hard. Her inside was real red and swollen looking. I kept pulling on her clit and I was pumping three fingers in and out of her pussy very hard. There was no doubt when she came. She arched her back and kept thrusting her pussy into my hand. Lots of fluid came out. She just laid on the bed panting. finally she told me to lie back down and she started rubbing my clit and wouldn't stop. It was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. Afterward we made plans to meet again.

I shared all the vivid details with Terri who said she was getting aroused just listening to my 'adventure.' I would love to have other sexual encounters with other women even though I totally like guys. I can honestly say that I was more aroused by Donna than by any of the three men that I have had sex with.

PS my butt hole hurt afterward. I think that rod was too thick for me.



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