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Bachelorette Party

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Not too long ago, a good friend of mine was getting married, so when the talk started in our group of friends about a bachelorette party, I suggested that we have it at our house. After a little planning and waiting, the day came. It started out by us going out to dinner, then getting some drinks, and eventually we went to a male dance club, which was basically a strip joint. We stayed there for a couple hours then went back to my place. After a little more drinking, the conversation turned to sex. We played one of those dirty board games where you told everybody secrets about yourself, but for most of us, when it was done we all wanted more. We tried to figure out what to do, when someone suggested that someone do their own striptease in front of everyone. No one was willing to step forward and do it, so we decided to draw cards. Whoever had the highest card was safe, then the remainders drew again. Go figure, I had to lose. They all started squealing and told me to 'take it off', but I told them I had to go up to my bedroom to get ready first. I went upstairs, and it wasn't long before they were all yelling up for me to get back downstairs. Eventually, I walked back down, and when they saw me in my bathrobe and a pair of black high heels, they started squealing again and some whistled. Someone turned the radio onto a dance station and everyone started telling me to get going. I started by walking around the room, dancing a little and pulling up the bottom of my robe, flashing my just-shaved legs. This went on for about 5 minutes before I turned away from everyone and opened up my robe, shaking my ass. I then turned around, dropped the robe and showed everyone that I was completely naked, which they all enjoyed. After strutting around the room for a while, I began shoving my breasts in their faces and spreading my legs, giving everyone a good view of myself. It was at that point, I heard someone yell out "masturbate!", which got all of the other girls to chant "Masturbate! Masturbate!" until I agreed. I guess at that point, my adrenaline took over everything I was doing. I kicked off my heels, flinging them over to my robe, and singled out the bride-to-be. I jumped on the couch, standing over her with my vagina right in front of her face and started rubbing my wet clit. She must have liked it, because she started stomping her feet and rubbing my legs. Soon after, I jumped down and squatted in the middle of the floor, flinging my hair over my face and shoving my finger in and out of my vagina. Everyone gathered around me and started clapping and cheering me on. When I started getting close, I again took the bride and told her that she was going to make me cum. She got on her knees in front of me, I put my feet on her shoulders and she started rubbing me hard and fast. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, so I started moaning and grunting, making everyone else give their complete focus on my orgasm. Then my legs shot out, my toes curled under and my vagina exploded in one of the best orgasms of my entire life. Everyone gave me a round of applause, and as we talked, I scooted up against the couch and sat there naked with my legs spread, catching my breath. I figured that would be it, but it just got the ball rolling. It didn't take long before the bride started stripping, giving everyone a show of her own and making me repay her favor. I eventually started giving her oral sex with us both naked on the couch, making her buck and quiver with my face between her legs. The party ended up with us all being naked and everyone masturbating at least once, and then the group passing out and falling asleep until late the next morning. When I woke up and saw all the naked bodies around my living room, I thought it was all a dream, but then I realized when had happened, making me laugh. When everyone else got up and started to get dressed, they all made comments about how much fun it was and a couple joked around that we needed to do it again. I thought it was a good idea and I'm waiting for it to happen.



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