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My Experiences as a Doctor

Posted by: Age: 48 Posted on: 3 comments
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I am a 48 year old female doctor, and have been amused about some of the stories on this site about interactions with physicians. While I think that a lot of these 'stories' are exactly that, thought some of you might like to hear my experiences. In my many years from med school to family practice, I have seen countless male and female genitals of every age. Can't say I have ever seen a female become aroused, (much less orgasm) from an examination. As most women can attest, it is a fairly 'non-sexy' situation. It is fair to say that men, particularly younger men, can easily become aroused during an exam.

Needless to say, it is gross violation of medical ethics for a Doctor to manually stimulate a patient to orgasm. However I can say that I have had males ejaculate during a routine exam, both testicular and prostate exams.

Since this is a site about masturbation (and I must admit that I do it like everyone else, and have on occasion used a particularly sexy patient as the source of a fantasy), I will relate a couple of my experiences.

Teenage boys tend to be the most nervous about being nude with a female doctor. In my state, a physical is required before enrolling in high school, as well as before any interscholastic sport. The patient is asked to remove all clothing except their underwear, and a full exam is done until the dreaded hernia and testicular exam. Normally that part can be done in less than 15 seconds, then the boy can go on his way. In aboout 5% of the exams, the patient will have an erection when he pulls his shorts down. I do not react, or say anything, unless the patient apologizes. (and about half do) I reassure them that it is a common event, and not to worry, that it just shows everything is working well.

Last year I had a boy about 15 with an erection, and we had our quick talk, then I checked for testicular lumps, with my usual talk about what I was doing, and how important it was that he check himself in the shower. Suddenly, without warning, he ejaculated quite heavily onto his stomach and chest. I must admit that it startled me, and came upon unexpectedly. I quickly gave him some towels, did the hernia check, and turned around. He was acutely embarrassed, and stammering his apology. I cut him off, assured him it happens all the time (even though it doesn't in all my years this has only happened 5 or 6 times), and as his doctor I was pleased to know all his parts were working.

Twice I have had males ejaculate during a prostate exam. In both cases, ironically, they were gay men. (Ironic since it was a female that caused their ejaculation. The first it was fairly obvious that he was enjoying the exam, as I could see his erection, he was pushing back against my finger, and let out a deep moan as he ejaculated. Unlike my teen patient, he showed no embarrassment, and proceeded to tell me how good it felt!

Anyway, if you would like to hear any other stories just let me know!



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