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My Favourite Hobby

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The following is a bit of a spiel about my habits when it comes to my favourite hobby-masturbation

Back when I was in high school (graduated two years ago) I was crazy into music. I played the guitar, the piano, the flute, sang and played the clarinet. I had this stand that my clarinet sat on when I wasn't playing it. It was like a long 10inch solid cylinder with a rounded end on a strong and heavy base. It just called out to be used for pleasuring purposes (more on that later)...

I have always been a mad masturbator since about age 13, I would touch myself in bed after everyone had gone to sleep, and rub my clit to orgasm again and again, every night without fail. I always felt so naughty when I would hear someone in my house making a noise nearby and knowing full well that if they opened my door, there I would be completely naked and writhing in pleasure. The thrill of getting caught would make my orgasm come even faster.

I would masturbate everywhere. I've done it in store changing rooms, school toilets, at work in the staffroom by myself on my break, at uni in the back of a lecture theatre, but the most risky time was on a long haul international flight. I was sitting next to a friend who was supposedly asleep. I put a blanket over my legs and put my hand down there and teased my pussy lips, getting wetter and wetter, the other hand tweaking my nipples until they were hard and tender. teasing my pussy more and more, edging closer and closer to my little clit, I finally got stuck into it, wriggling and breathing heavily, the feelings increased tenfold by the fact that I was side by side with another person who would be under no illusions of what I was up to should they wake up. When the orgasm hit I almost squealed, and bucked with the contractions. About 30 seconds after it, my hand still jammed in my pussy under the blanket, a hostess came along and asked me if I wanted a hot drink...I declined as both my hands were still occupied and one was completely wet.

I am lucky because I can orgasm once then less than a minute later, if I rub hard and flex my hips I can orgasm again straight away.

Anyway, back to the clarinet stand...I have discovered that it makes the worlds best toy that nobody would suspect. Thick, hard and long I can put it inside me and it is so heavy that I can feel it filling me right up, so good! I just pump it in and out and in and out whilst rubbing my clit and soon enough I have such a great orgasm. But the best thing to do with the stand is to prop it up on a towel on the ground and ride it like crazy, riding is my favourite sexual position be it with a guy or toy because I'm in total control and can move however I want to. Riding this thing on the ground makes me moan like a mad woman which isn't the greatest seeing as I live in a busy flat with thin walls but whether I have a guy at the time or not, I still love to masturbate just for me. I could touch my clit 24/7 and never get bored with it. I'm always finding new ways to do it or new things to fuck myself with...I'm so damn adventurous with sex and with masturbation. I love it up the ass, in my pussy, things in my mouth, huge things, vibrating things, hot, cold, any position, any place...the only thing I'm not comfortable with is going a whole day without something sexual. My friends have no idea about my sexual habits, but boy they would be surprised at this good little law students favourite past-time.

Biggest desire is to do it for real with a girl...I don't think I'm bi or anything, I just believe there's nothing wrong with sexual play between friends if it's safe, healthy and feels damn good! Lesbian porn is my absolute naughty pleasure. I love the female body for it's beauty, and I love my body for it's sexual energy.

Keep touching.




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