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Gay Guys......I've Always Wondered.

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Although this is female solo.....it's really Male/Male.


I have quite a few gay male friends. I find I'm very comfortable around gay men. Two of them I've known since school. I always suspected they were gay, but they didn't come out properly until they left school.

Steve and Mike both look effeminate. It's made me wonder if there is a subset of 'gay'. In a male/male pair, can there be a feminine and masculine, or feminine and feminine, or masculine and masculine? Hmmm.. something for another day.

So, Steve, Mike and I....a bottle of wine, and as usual, a free-flowing conversation. Sexual? Of course! But I always wondered what it would be like to watch two guys. Steve and Mike were up for it, and I settled back  to watch. But I had no idea of the effect it would have.

The way they kissed was pure love....tender....erotic....sensual....and more than enough to make me wet. Watching their growing erections under their trousers was also a wonderful sight. Both of them were raging hard inside. By the time they were naked, I knew I would have loved BOTH of those cocks in me at the same time. 

Steve was sucking Mike and Mike had a look of total rapture on his face....me?....I swear I could almost taste it! I could almost taste the cock in my own mouth.

They took ages with each other....kissing, wanking, sucking....licking arseholes, before Steve laid back and spread his legs, just like a girl would. Mike got between Steve's legs and guided his cock inside him.

At that point, I couldn't stand it any longer. "Er....guys.....look, I'm really sorry about this, but would you mind if I masturbate?" 

Steve was too far gone to answer, but Mike smiled at me and said "Sure....do what you need to do." 

Harrumph.....hardly! What I need to do was have both those cocks inside me! Still....a girl's gotta get what she can. 

As I watched them fuck, I slipped a hand into my panties and began to masturbate. I saw Steve's breathing deepen as Mike fucked him, and I saw how feminine his movements were as he pulled Steve closer to him. I could see Steve's cock between them both. Oddly, it didn't look fully hard, but it was glistening nicely. 

Mike's rhythm increased and I saw the exact moment when he came up Steve's bum. I've had guys do that to me, so I knew how it felt for Steve.

When Mike pulled out, he kissed down Steve's body to his cock and began to suck it.  Now and then he smiled at me and pulled it out of his mouth to show me. I smiled back (in a jealous-as-all-fuck kind of way). There's nothing like wanting to have a cock and not being able to have it to drive a girl insane. 

My orgasm was building a treat when I saw Steve tense and cum in Mike's mouth. I was almost there....so fucking close......it was only when Mike hopped off the bed and kissed me, still with Steve's sperm in his mouth, that my orgasm hit like a train! 

He kept kissing me deeply while I came, sharing Steve's sperm with me! 

Now THAT'S something I have to do again! 

There was a real poetry in the way they made love. 



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