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My Best Friend's Orgasm

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This is about my best friend, whom I miss dearly, and me.


My best friend is Navajo and we were the most unlikely pair of people to become as close as we were. We were complete and total opposites but we seemed to connect on levels that I had never believed possible. I love her very much and miss her.

She is probably the most beautiful woman I know, and I don't just mean on the outside, but on the inside, and that made her even more beautiful. All the men at work vied for her attention, even though they knew she was married. There wasn't a conceited bone in her body. She had long straight black hair, almost mid-thigh, and she was only like 5 foot one inch tall. With my five foot seven inches tall, I felt gargantuan! She had perfect breasts and a small but curvey body.

I didn't start out being attracted to her; it just sort of happened. Both of our husbands were away and we spent every waking (and sleeping) moment together. We took turns sleeping at each other's house and were inseperable. I noticed that more and more I was growing attracted to her. Now please note, that I had never had a sexual relationship with another woman, so I had no idea how I should proceed; do I tell her how I feel? Does she feel the same? Does she know how badly I want to wrap my tongue around her nipples, licking and sucking? Does she know how badly I wanted to fall to my knees and pull her cunt to my mouth and make her cum and cum and cum? But if I tell her, would I lose my best friend? So I kept quiet.

One night, at my house, we were asleep, or at least, I was. I woke to a gentle rocking of the mattress. I was facing her, thank God, or else I might have ruined it by turning over and showing her, that I was awake. My sight was a bit blurry at the moment, but I could see the slight movement of the blankents, fast then slow, then fast again. She was breathing shallowly, trying not to wake me. By now, my night vision had kicked in, and I could see her more clearly. Was she doing, what I thought, no, prayed she was doing? OMG yes! She was rubbing her pussy! In my bed!!! Instantly, I was wide awake, and my pussy was wet, clit throbbing to the erratic pulse of my heart. I was practically salivating at the thought! She ran her left hand up her stomach to her breast, pinching and tugging at her nipple. Oh the bliss of seeing the small peaks harden under her fingers. I secretly did the same under the blanket, teasing my nipples, flicking them back and forth. My breast felt heavy and I wanted to grasp them while I watched her. Her right hand came up to play with her other breast and she reached down to lick the hardened peaks. I probably would have cum right then, just watching her do that.

I don't think I have ever been that wet, and I hadn't even touched my kittie just yet! While her left hand played with her tits, her right hand slowly inched down her body and disappeared under the blankets and her gown. I did the same, sliding my fingers between the moist lips of my pussy, applying light gentle pressure. I really wanted to just fling my legs open and fuck myself until I wailed with orgasm. Obviously, I couldnt, but this was somehow more torturous!

I inched the blanket down and let my breast fall out of the spaghetti straps of my gown. I wanted her to see my tits. I slipped my finger into my pussy, pressing on my g-spot while still playing with my clit. Her hand was moving faster beneath the blanket, as was mine. The moment she came, *sigh* I will never forget the sound. It was the sweetest whimper I had ever heard. I did not give myself the luxury of any sound as I came also. It had to be the most draining orgasm of my life, certainly the most controlled since I couldn't move or make a sound. She sighed sweetly, licked her fingers and disappeared into the bathroom. I lay there astonished, my pussy still wet and throbbing from my most intense orgasm. It was a long moment before I fell asleep. But as I was drifting off, it occured to me, that if I could see her with that much clarity, if her eyes were open, couldn't she see me as well?

The next day, all was normal as if nothing had happened, but I tell you this; my pussy throbs at the thought of what happened that night. And maybe, if she ever comes east to see me, maybe I will tell her all about my fantasies that I have had since that night...and perhaps, if she'll let me, act out a few... We shall have to see... Ciao!



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