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Playtime With Mellie

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I've written stories about my husband, Andrew, and my sister, Stefie. Now it's time to include the other love of my life, Mellie.


My husband, Andrew (AvidStroker here), and I don't have a “normal” marriage. We share our love, our marriage, and, most of the time, our bed with Melissa, whom I affectionately call Mellie. We consider her to be our wife and a second mother to our daughter. I've never met a woman with such a gentle and caring heart.

Let me talk about the sexual side of my relationship with Mellie. The sight of her nude body drives me so crazy with lust! I have to stop myself from completely ravaging her gorgeous trimmed pussy before she gets fully undressed. Sex with her is always so passionate. The way she kisses me, the way our pussies grind together, the way she pounds my pussy with our strap-on. It’s like my body goes into sexual overdrive when we’re together. I seem to cum harder with her than I do when I'm with Stefie.

Okay, on with the story. Along with my Camaro, I now have a minivan (a gift from Stefie). I wanted Mellie to be the first person to be sexual with me in my van. I thought it would be difficult getting her to agree, but she seemed to almost jump at the chance. We set up a time that we’d do it. My pussy began to get wet in anticipation of the amazing orgasms we would share. I did my normal prep for my vehicle play, but I tripled the number of towels. If I was this wet just thinking about it, I could just imagine the gushing I’d be doing in the van! I hoped I wouldn’t flood my van. I also stowed the seats so we could lay down in the back.

On the day of our playtime, I made myself look as sexy as I could. I trimmed my pussy hair just the way she loves it. I put on my sexiest lace thong. I also put on the jeans she loves seeing me in. She says they make my ass look amazing. I also grabbed two vibes in case we decided to use them. I really hoped Mellie wouldn’t want to though. I wanted to use my fingers on her.

That evening I drove us to a spot where I knew we’d have plenty of privacy. I turned off the van and we got into the back. We both started removing our clothes. Mellie took her jeans off and revealed the sexiest red panties I had ever seen her wear! It took every ounce of willpower I had to keep from jumping onto her right then. I have so much trouble controlling myself around her!! My turn to remove my jeans. I got them off and Mellie let out a low, “Mmmmmm.” My thong already had a very noticeable wet spot. We removed our panties and laid on the towels.

I wanted to feel how wet Mellie was so I reached over and ran my finger along her pussy lips. My God how I love the feeling of that gorgeous pussy! I feel so much desire for her every time I touch any part of her. Mellie had her head tilted back and her eyes closed. I slowly rubbed up and down her lips, every so often inserting a finger a little. Her pussy showed that her arousal was growing. Her lips were swelling, fluids were leaking, and her clit was becoming more noticeable. After continuing this for a few moments I stopped. Mellie whispered, “Please don’t stop!” There was an urgency there that I had never heard before, so I continued.

Ten minutes went by and I could tell she needed me to do more. One finger entered, then a second. Words can’t begin to describe the bliss I feel when I finger Mellie. As I finger her our faces get closer and we shared a heavenly kiss, our tongues rubbing each other. I began to thumb her clit as we kiss. A long sigh emerges from between our lips, showing me how she loves it. As I thumb her clit, I increase the speed of my fingers. In mere seconds Mellie’s head tilts back, separating from our kiss. The words, “So close!” are barely audible as they come from her. My fingers pick up the pace inside her heavenly pussy. Seconds later her orgasm started. I held her as the orgasm consumed her, making her move almost uncontrollably. Mellie then did something I had never heard her do. She screamed, “OH FUCKING GOD YES!!!!” I’d never heard that word coming from that beautiful mouth before.

Mellie’s orgasm slowed to a stop and we held each other until she was ready to help me. When she was ready, she rolled me onto my back and sat next to me. She inserted two fingers into her pussy then rubbed her juices onto my clit. I had to fight to hold my orgasm at bay. I wanted this to last.

Like when I fingered her, Mellie put one arm around me and fingered me with her other hand. We shared another long, slow, amazingly passionate kiss, our tongues trying to devour each other. She used a few methods of rubbing and fingering me. It was driving me so fucking wild! I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I begged her to finger-fuck me so very hard. Mellie’s hand moved in a blur.

My orgasm hit so hard and fast. Mellie had to hold me down so I wouldn’t shake the van much. My toes were curling and I was screaming at the top of my lungs. It was by far the best orgasm I had ever had!!

Once it finally subsided, I couldn’t help but start crying. I didn’t know such bliss was even possible! Mellie held me and kissed my cheek. I’m not sure how long she held me before I fell asleep. The next thing I knew we were home and Mellie was waking me up. I kept thanking her for the best evening we ever had.



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