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My Aunt and I

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As a child I spent most summers living in a small coastal farming community. I usually lived with my aunt and two girl cousins in a house on my grandfather's citrus ranch. These events happened when I was 14. At 14 I was six feet tall and weighed 100lbs. To say that I was skinny is a gross understatement. Unfortunately for me my penis and balls were much bigger then the rest of the guys my age. I'd been teased unmercifully after I'd gotten an erection the previous year in gym class. I was six and three-quarter inches long and eight inches in circumference. As skinny as I was, when I got a hard on it looked like a major deformity. For the guy's that want a bigger dick, believe it or not, big is not all it's cracked up to be.

My aunt was 34 and incredibly gorgeous. She was about 5'6', 130 lbs with 32DD breasts and long light brown hair. She looked like a Playmate from the early 60's. My cousins were 13 and 11 and would grow up to look like their mother.

We'd all gone to the beach with my aunt wearing a bikini that another cousin had brought her from Tahiti. It was French cut and made out of very light material. You could see the outline of her areolas, nipples, mound and pubic hair. The whole time we were at the beach I lay on my stomach in the sand talking to her and just staring at her fantastic body. Of course I was rock had with precum leaking continuously. When it was time to leave I waited until everyone had their backs turned. Then grabbed a towel and jumped up with it around me.

As soon as we got home my cousins took off for parts unknown, while I headed for the shower to masturbate before I exploded. When I was done and had taken a shower I put on a T shirt and a pair of shorts and went looking for my aunt. She was laying on her king size bed watching TV. She'd taken off her bikini top and was just wearing a T shirt that was so old and thin as to be almost see through and her bikini bottoms. I sat down beside her to watch, it was an old movie called 'The Shack Out On 101'. I could see her breasts/nipples through the shirt and outline of her pubic hair. Naturally I got a hard on.

She'd been watching and said that I must really like the movie and gestured to the mound in my shorts. I went bright red and totally lost the power of speech and just stared at her as she smiled. Then she said or maybe you like me, and ran her hand over her breasts and down over her pussy. She spread her legs and used one hand to rub her pussy through the bikini bottoms. She smiled at me again and said it is me isn't it? All I could do was nod my head yes. She asked me if I wanted her to take off her shirt and bikini bottoms. Again all I could do is nod.

She raised her hips and slid off her bottoms and exposed her curly brown pubic hair. Then she sat up and took off her shirt and I got to see the most wonderful breasts I've ever seen in my life. Her nipples were about three-quarters of an inch long; her areolas were about three inches across. (I'd been fascinated with her breasts since I was five years old. I'd been on a trip with my Grandfather, Mother, and Aunt. We were staying at a motel somewhere in the desert and it was very hot. My aunt had taken off her top and was just in her bra. It was one of those white 1950's no sex appeal bras, but I just couldn't take my eyes off of her breasts.) Then she said your turn. I took off my shirt first and then turned away to take off my shorts. I wanted to stall as long as possible before I had to show her my deformity. I finally turned around and she said 'Oh My God'! Of course I was crushed and about to break into tears when she said, 'It's beautiful, let me hold it'. I'll love her forever for saying that. She reached out and put her hand around my dick and just held me. If she'd stroked me at all I'd have cum right then.

At that point in my life I was strictly interested in breasts. I'd only seen one pussy before this and it was my aunt's as well. I hadn't yet developed an appreciation for a beautiful pussy, but it was coming soon. She said that I could touch her if I wanted. Of course I went right for her breasts. At first I just ran my fingers all over, gradually working up the courage to feel a nipple. When I did she jumped a little and gasped. I thought I'd hurt her but she said no just that the feeling was so intense and that it felt like it had shot straight to her pussy. By this time I was on my knees next to her massaging her breasts. She started to rub her pussy with one hand and slowly stroked my dick with the other. I could not believe how good it felt to have her touching me. She was the first one to hold my dick. Much to my disappointment I came almost immediately. I shot four long ropes of cum across her stomach and breasts. The amount really surprised me as I'd just masturbated in the shower about an hour before.

She kept stroking me very slowly and herself much faster. Now I could watch her hand and saw that she had two fingers in her pussy and she was making sort of slurping sounds as her fingers went in and out. Her hips rose up off the bed and her whole body went tense and she let out a low groan. It seemed like she held that position for about a minute before she slowly relaxed. She kept her hand over her pussy, let go of me and slowly rubbed my cum into her breasts and stomach.

This started a sexual relationship that lasted many, many years. We had some kind of sex at least once everyday for the rest of the summer. We even got caught by the UPS man in the kitchen, but that's a Whispering Lily story.



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