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Oh, What A Night

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Mutual Masturbation with Friendly Neighbors


This past weekend we had severe winter weather bringing heavy snow and then ice. About 7 PM, my neighbor called saying she had lost power and her generator was on, but she still had no power. I told Sue, I'd be over in a minute.

When I arrived at the house I was delighted to see that Deb was there as well. Let me give you some background. We've been neighbors of Sue for almost 12 years. She is a tall, statuesque blond with very large breasts. It's difficult to keep eyes off of her when at the beach or the pool. Her husband is in China on business for the next three weeks, which was why she called. Deb, is very attractive, divorced, maybe a bit overweight and we've always had an attraction for each other, but it's never gone further than when she slipped me her tongue at a party.

My wife is out of town taking care of an extended family member, so all three of us were single for the night. When I arrived, I was soaked and freezing. Sue took my coat and asked if I could check the circuit breakers to see why the power wasn't on. I went to the basement and saw that the master switch for the generator had not been put on so I did so. When I went back upstairs the lights were on and the ladies asked me join them in a glass of wine. While waiting for the wine, the DVD player came on and there was a soft porn movie on the screen. I teased the girls about the movie, but they said it was very good and invited me to watch with them.

After about 10 minutes, I was hard as a rock and found it very uncomfortable sitting, so I was up walking around, but never taking my eyes off the screen. It was a very well done movie, not hardcore, but very sexy and sensual. There was a scene where a guy and a girl were mutually masturbating to orgasm and Deb said how much she needed an orgasm. we all laughed nervously. The movie ended and we kind of sat there for a few moments. Finally Deb said her panties were soaked and asked Sue if she was wet. Sue nodded demurely. Deb then said to me, "I know you've got a hard on because we've been eying it all night." I nodded and said,"What did you expect?" Deb then blurted out that she needed to "cum" and it had to be soon. She then suggested that we watch each other masturbate and cum and that way nobody would be cheating. Cheating was the last thing on my mind at that point as my balls were as blue as they've ever been.

At this point, Deb got up and pulled her jeans off. Sue got up and ambled out of the room as it seemed she was embarrassed. Deb asked me to take off my jeans and" let me see that beautiful cock that I've dreamed about." At this point I had pre cum leaking out and freeing my cock was liberating to say the least. Sue was gone, so it was just Deb and I and she just stared at me and was playing with her pussy under her thong. I got harder if that was possible. She then lifted up and took off her thong and passed it to me. It was soaked with her juices and made my cock jump, she then started to rub her clit and dip her fingers into her beautiful bare pussy. She pulled her fingers from her pussy and asked me if I wanted a taste. Her fingers tasted of tangy pussy juice, but oh so delightful.

She then spread some on my cock and balls and asked me to start stroking my cock and said she'd love us to cum at the same time. I explained I didn't have any natural lubrication and she said she had a better idea to make sure we "came" at the same time. She asked me to come closer and then took my cock in her mouth. The feeling was beyond description. But it got better, I looked down and she had three fingers at her pussy, two inside and her thumb circling her clit, which was very large. I don't think I had seen anything more erotic and was trying to think what a scene it must look like.

Just then, I looked up and could see Sue in the doorway, her jeans unbuttoned, low on her hips, with a hand inside her panties, her blouse undone and her other hand pinching her nipples. She was looking at Deb masturbating with my cock in her mouth. Almost on cue, Sue started to pant and she came very hard and very loud. Deb, started to spasm and moan and I could see her pussy contracting around her fingers. I then started to blow my load. There was so much of it, it started to come out of Deb's mouth and down her cheek and neck. After about a minute, it was over.

Deb called Sue over and asked if she wanted a taste of my cum. Deb scooped up some in her fingers and Sue licked it off. I was wondering if this was a dream....., but no, it was really happening. We all cleaned up and dressed. Deb handed me her panties as a keepsake and challenged Sue to do the same. Sue went in to the bathroom and came out with a very wet black thong that she handed me and hoped I would enjoy them in the future. Believe me I will. We all agreed that we had a little secret to keep among ourselves. Deb said it was worthy of Solo Touch, which I had to admit, I never heard of until now. I don't know if I'll ever experience anything as beautiful as that again, but I'm hoping we lose power real soon.



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