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Mum and Me and Mum's Friend June

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My Mum posted on here a while ago (my remarkable son) and I thought I'd let everyone know what happened recently. My mum showed me what she wrote on here after this thing that happened the other day, and I thought it was cool because she is a great mum and I wanted to say how great she is. So here goes.

After mum wrote what happened she said she didn't mind me masturbating anywhere. I wanted to so I did it more around our apartment if I felt like it. Reading what mum said she liked it and I liked it too. I did it everyday, mostly at night when we're watching tv. Mum told me that my Dad couldn't cum like I did, three times in a row like that, and she bought me lube and stuff. She said that my cock is always hard all the time (which it is!) and even after wanking it stays hard.

Anyway, her best mate is June who lives in the same block but on another floor. She's divorced and is a bit younger than mum but she's always popping in and stuff. I didn't know it at the time because mum told me after, but mum told June on the phone about me cumming three or four times and that I have to wank a lot. June said she didn't believe it and she wanted to see for herself.

Anyway, it was nearly my fifteenth birthday (a few weeks before) and June came over and said she wanted to give me her present. Mum was there and I was watching tv. They both came into the living room where I was and told me to unwrap the present. I said thanks and unwrapped it and it was like designer underpants but not boxers, they were like briefs but had a pouch at the front. June said go on try them on and I was like looking at mum and stuff. Mum was laughing and said 'go on Tom your not normally shy are you?' So I thought cool and took my shorts and t-shirt off and put the underpants on. Mum and June were like looking at me and June was coming over and saying turn around and let's have a look. With them both looking I started to get a hard on real quick and started really poking out at the front. June was laughing and saying she think she got the wrong size and that she should have got a bigger one. I started getting really excited then and looked at mum and mum said it looks like Tom needs to relieve himself. June laughed again and said 'God no wonder, that is really sticking out isn't it!'

June sat on the sofa and patted next to her and said 'Come on Tom, I don't mind, you can do it if you want.' I looked at mum again and she was like holding her face in her hands and giggling and stuff so I knew it was ok. I sat down and pulled the pants down and started wanking. It was great cos I was really needing to wank then and June was there so I was really excited. June moved really close to me and her leg was touching my leg and after a bit she said 'not that way Tom, try it this way.' She moved my hands away and she put one hand around my balls and pulled my foreskin all the way back and with her other hand started rubbing my bare knob. I went AHHHHHRRR and she got some lube and I'd never felt anything like how she was doing it to me before. She was using both hands all around my knob and stuff and it was the most fantastic thing ever. My mum went and sat on the other chair where she normally sits and was watching us. I was like going crazy and cummed like in a minute or something. June just kept on wanking me and saying Jesus that's still a hard cock and stuff and my knob was having these feelings like I'd never felt before. I kept on going aahhhhgg ahhhhgggg a bit like in pain but more like ecstacy. She just kept my foreskin back and was twisting both her hands all round my knob with the lube and my spunk and stuff it was awesome. Anyway I cummed like twice more and I couldn't do it anymore and I was sitting there and couldn't move. June smiled and kissed me on the cheek and said to mum that young men are so virile and giggled and June went to the bathroom to wash her hands. I couldn't move so mum came and cleaned me up a bit with tissue. Mum kissed me as well and said am I alright and stuff. I said yeah it was great. She smiled and kissed me again and went to see June out.

Mum said that June had said she should come round more often and mum said did I feel ok and that she'll tell June not to come if I didn't want to. She said she doesn't want me to do anything I don't want and that she wants me to be happy and loves me and stuff. I told mum that I really really really liked it the way she did it and I'd like June to do it again. I said it's ok, like only a hand job mum. Then mum told me she'd told June about me wanking on the phone earlier and June wanted to come see herself. But when June started wanking me she wasn't sure but I looked like I was liking it so she never said anything, she only wanted what would make me happy. Later she showed me this website and I said I'd like to write about what just happened. Mum is so fab. She doesn't mind and only wants what I want. She said I'm a young man now and sex is normal and healthy and that as long as I was ok with it then she's ok with it too.

Later mum phoned June again and June came over that same evening and wanked me off again. She said she wanted to make me cum as many times as possible and did it for over an hour but this time she was slower and took her time and did it like slow then fast slow then fast.

I'm fifteen now and June comes over now and then and jerks me off. She doesn't do it that often cos she says she doesn't wanna spoil me and she only does it when she's got time. I'm learning now to jerk off how June does it and when mums watching she says to keep the foreskin back and use lots of lube. It looks cool with the knob out and mum says she likes it that way too. Anyway, mums read through what I wrote and says sure, send it!

I'll write again if anything else happens. I'm learning so much stuff about wanking now from mum and June. Masturbation is a lot of fun for me now. Thanks to a GREAT MUM!!!!



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