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Getting Creamed, Sexuality Final Party

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My modem disconnected 3 times last week before I got it submitted. Here it is finally on my 4th try to submit it! Have fun reading!


Those Human Sexuality classes have really captured my interest! My first response to Professor Barb's story March 11 was posted March 19 and my second response to her story April 5 was posted April 7. This one in response to her April 12 final party has been delayed because my modem disconnected 3 times last week before I got mine submitted. Thanks to our webmaster, I'm typing in Word and hope to be able to copy to SoloTouch.
I have to quit reading late night, because after reading her newest ideas a week ago Sunday night about the boys 'creaming' in her face, I was awake about half the night! Although we went to bed late, I awoke about midnight after only an hour's sleep to be faced with an erection! While enjoying the fullness, I couldn't help but fantasize about more fun at her party, so here's my latest fantasy after reading about Barb's newest idea. Have fun reading everybody! I finally fell into a light sleep only to awaken full again about 4:30 with another erection! (See Nighttime Erections posted March 10 about 90-minute increments.)
Rather than lying on the floor where the boys might overshoot and you'd lose too much of their precious cream, I'd suggest trying a chaise lounge (like a reclining lawn chair). The angle can be adjusted as desired, like a man's angle can be adjusted as desired! This way you'd have more access to the throbbing shafts staring you in the face! Assuming you came to the party without wearing any panties, position yourself as carefully as you can in the chaise lounge leaving all your clothing on.
To start the fun, Professor Barb, you could be blindfolded and try to determine by touch whose erection is staring at you! If you can't determine just by feeling gently with a feather touch all around the shaft from base to tip as well as several tight grasps to feel their firmness, try massaging their pouch of family jewels! You could also reach around to feel his buttocks and guess from their size who is who. If that still doesn't work, then start feeling down their thighs! If that still doesn't clue you in, pull their shaft into your mouth and lick the head all around to see if you can elicit a groan to give you yet anther clue! Have someone record 3 guesses for each of the 7 young men. However, they should not answer till you have had a chance to feel up and around all 7. Then have them line up in 2 lines: those you guessed correctly and those you did not guess. Take your blindfold off and be surprised how many - OR how few you guessed!
Here's where more fun begins! Make those wait whom you did not guess. Without your blindfold on, take those on two at a time whom you did guess, one standing on each side of you so you can play with their shafts by hand in order to aim their eruptions wherever you want the hot jism to land on you! Oh, yes, assuming you came to the party without a bra, take off your blouse before you begin fondling their manhood so your breasts are exposed to all in full view so they can behold your exquisite beauty and the changes that are about to occur as you start getting high from the excitement that is about to get better! Getting naked in front of the class is what you've wanted to do according to your contribution April 1, so here's your chance to start by taking off your blouse!
On second thought, the young women should not be just standing around bored with nothing to do, so they instead of you should be fondling the boys, one at a time playing with their family jewels and their rock hard shafts! They should start off slowly feeling their fullness and gliding smoothly up and down several times to get their attention! Then they can begin rubbing the boy's shafts slowly and lightly across your soft breasts, underarms, smooth shoulders, neck, cheeks, lips, nose, eyelids, and forehead before tickling their sensitive heads with your hair! This should get them excited enough so they are ready to get pumped to ejaculation! However, the girls should know that the longer they take to get the boys to ejaculate, the more pressure will build up and the more cream they will produce! So they should try to make it take a long time by pumping slowly! The boys will likely try to hurry the process by pumping eagerly into the girls soft hands!
To have something to do with your hands while all of this activity is getting everyone excited, you could reach around the boys' thighs and stroke up and down lightly on the inside of their thighs! Exciting, eh! Maybe even pull down on the pouch of family jewels occasionally to make it unbearable for the boys and more thrilling for you since you are not in charge of the pumping action! Then the girls could aim the boy's eruptions wherever they want the spurts to land on you and let it be a surprise to you as the receiver of their thrills!
Rather than blinding you first thing by getting squirted in the eyes, I'd recommend that the girls aim the boys' shafts so they start off covering your breasts with their hot Love Cream! When one girl finishes spurting one boy's cream all over you, the girl who 'milked' the cream would then have the fun of 'playing in their cream' with both hands, massaging it well into your breasts as if it were a special lotion, which it is!
Hopefully the boys will have been instructed to refrain for a week or more from ejaculating! If there is sufficient quantity, and I'm sure there will be, the girls should keep massaging the cream up around your neck and shoulders. Reaching for more spurts of cream that landed lower on your body, they could scoop up another spurt and rub it into your chin, cheeks, lips, nose, eyelids, forehead, ears, and hair to make everything really juiced up with their special facial lotion! Wouldn't the focus of all that personal attention be absolutely wonderful, creating thrills not only throughout the upper half of your body, but pulsing lower as well!
When the girls have finished massaging what cream was available, another pair of boys should come close so another pair of girls could start 'milking' them and spurting their cream all over the upper half of your body and repeat the massaging process with more hot Love Cream! This amazing experience would be far more exhilarating than taking a milk bath, especially since you are not in control of the timing, nor the quantity, nor the pressure, nor the temperature, nor the aim!
When it is time for those, whom you did not guess by feeling their manhood. To give you their donation of Love Cream, tie the blindfold on again, pull up your skirt, and let them each give you another chance to guess who is who by slipping their manhood into your Love Canal! After only a few times in and out, they should be making enough sounds that you should be able to guess and make them quit pumping, telling them that you want their thick, hot cream to land on your breasts and face so you can see it come out! Only after all 7 boys have been 'milked' and you are feeling wonderful all over from the marvelous body lotion and facial cream, plus feeling sticky, slimy, tacky, gooey, pasty, crusty -- on top of the world - only then would you be allowed to orgasm, not by stimulating yourself, but as follows! The wait would have been excruciating, wouldn't it, but worth it!
Let Round Two begin! Again the girls who rubbed the thick Love Cream all over the upper half of your body would now be in charge of tickling your clit, not you! Not being in charge of your own orgasm would be the kind of 'torture' that is everyone's fantasy of a lifetime, considering that young women are doing the tickling and that they are using copious quantities of Love Cream for lubricant! Hopefully the process of creaming the upper half of your body will have taken long enough that the boys have recovered - or maintained their erections and are ready for 'Round Two!' Different girls would 'milk' the boys this time which would make it even more exciting for the boys because each one of the girls has her own special touch! The change in routine this time from the previous round is that instead of letting the geysers shoot at will, they would catch the hot, frothy cream in their hands so as to use it for lubricant for rubbing your clit! Again only one girl per boy per ejaculation!
It doesn't make any difference whether you only orgasm once with all the hot, slippery cream donated so generously by all the boys or whether you orgasm with the white froth from each of them or whether they each have to donate several times to make you experience the utmost in pleasure that our bodies can give us! By this time the girls should be so hot and bothered from all the excitement they have caused you and the boys that they can hardly refrain from pleasuring themselves and even though you would be so weak you couldn't stand up, you announce that 'Round Three is about to begin!'
This time around, the girls can each choose whether they want to (1) pleasure themselves, or (2) have the boys pleasure them by hand, or (3) have the professor pleasure them, or (4) have the boys circle around the room letting each of the girls suck on their purple heads like an all-day sucker as long as they wish, or (5) have the boys suck on their breasts while they each tickle their own clits, or (6) have the boys suck on their clits! At any rate, because they have had to be so patient and wait so long for their chance to experience thrills while the boys have already experienced two ejaculations and the professor possibly several also, everybody should be ready for the Grand Finale watching the girls get off! This should be a contest to see who can last the longest and experience the most orgasms! The boys might be so excited that they would be able to experience their third discharge, thus Round Three, even though the cream is more watery, being less white in color and thinner in texture! Being in charge of the event now, the professor should be able to 'float,' glassy-eyed and body flushed all over from excitement, totally naked around the room assisting each as needed and being assisted by each as necessary for more orgasms!
Would I ever like to be at the party! You bet! I had to start pumping while proofreading and am having to type this last paragraph with one finger! I really like our webmaster's suggestion to compose in Word because then I do not feel so rushed to get it submitted before the modem disconnects and can 'polish' I, making corrections at leisure. Like usual when typing and proofreading a composition for SoloTouch, I'm naked and the sweat is just running down my sides from my armpits and dripping off my elbows! I love the smell when I wipe it with the back of my hand and take it to my nose! It is quite different from work sweat! Sometimes I wonder if my wife can smell the scent of sex in the air when she walks into our home office! I can hardly wait to hear more plans for the upcoming party and hear all about the party when it's over! I'd even like a video or, if possible on the new website to see it happen via webcam! However, I don't know who could possibly film such an event because of all the pressure build up! It might take 2 camera people so they could trade off having fun in between filming sessions! Everybody, have fun rubbing or pumping to orgasm, whether or not you are able to attend the party! Lots of self-love to all!



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