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New Doctors

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My wife and I had to join a new doctor group after the old one didn't take our insurance any more. My wife was told of a great group by three of her friends who said they did everything from children to adults. My wife had a physical and told me they checked everywhere. I said everywhere and she showed me where. It was her breasts, ass and pussy. I asked how was it and she said they were amazing and very sweet. I was thinking about them touching my wife and got hard and soon my wife and I were having a sex. The next day my wife told me I had a physical the next day and I wrote it on my calender. I meet my wife at the doctor and she came in with me. The nurse came in and told me to strip to my boxers and sit on the table. I did and when the nurse was turned away I flashed my wife. They nurse did her thing and left. The doctor came in a minute later and made small talk. She was good looking and had a low cut shirt and when she bent over I saw her breasts. After checking everything else she told me to drop my boxers and bend over the table. She did my prostate exam and told me everything was fine. then she told me to turn and when I did I was hard as a rock. I told her sorry and my wife said I told you he would get hard. I looked at my wife and she smiled and winked at me. The doctor said she couldn't test me for a hernia and went to the table and put some lotion on her hands and brought over a cup. She told me she was going to masturbate me and get a sample. I looked at my wife and she smiling and naked. The doctor told me it was okay and she thought I could use the help. My wife sat on the table and put her legs in the stirrup's and I had an amazing view of her playing with herself. The doctor started to masturbate me and I was watching my wife masturbating. After a minute I moaned and the doctor went faster and faster and I squirted in the cup. The doctor said I had a lot and put a cap on it and told me she would be back in a few minutes. I looked as the door closed and my wife spread open and started to lick her. My wife usually takes a few minutes but had an orgasm in 25 seconds. The doctor came back in when I was getting off my wife and said I should be happy my wife was so horny. I told her I was and the doctor told us it would be a week before the reports. Driving home I had my hand in my wife's pussy and when we arrived I wanted her in the entrance. My wife then told me that the day before when she had her legs up the doctor made her cum once with her hand and once with her mouth. I pounded my wife's pussy with three fingers for a few minutes as we stood up. We went up the stairs into our room and my wife laid down on the bed and told me she would do something I always wanted if I cleaned her pussy. She smiled and I went between her legs and started to lick her pussy. I cleaned her out and made her have one final orgasm for the day. Once I was done I laid on my back and lifted my legs up and exposed my asshole. My wife started to lick my asshole and jerk me off at the same time. In a minutes time I squirted my cum into my wife's hair and had a wonderful cum. As we laid in bed and talked asked her who told her of the doctor. When she told me who I smiled and said she was always going to the doctor and now I know why. My wife smiled and said she had a test in a few weeks and wanted to know if I would be there.



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