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Movie Fun

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Last night a group of us wanted to find something to do, so we decided upon going to the cinemas, there was about 10 of us so it was nice and cosy group. In the end four of us went as the others got better offers.

We looked on the net to see what movies were showing in our area and there wasn't much on or we had already seen it. So we decided to liven things up and put a bit of a thrill into the normally cosy atmosphere of the cinema theatre by masturbating during the movie.

It was cold outside so we all dressed up in our winter gear and headed off, I was already getting excited at the thought of doing it.

Inside the cinema it was warm but had a little bit of a chill in main lobby. I rubbed my hands together to warm them up, I had winter gloves on as my hands get cold really easily and when its really cold, turn purple.

My friend Sarah bought all of our tickets and food for us, which was good in my case cause I was broke, she didn't mind as she had extra cash to burn anyway.

So after we make our way into the theatre (I didn't pay attention to what I was seeing) we spread out and found isolated seats, which wasn't hard as there was only a couple and another woman in the entire theatre.

Once the lights went down, so did my zipper. I left my winter gloves on as I could still tell my hands were pretty cold and I didnt want to masturbate with cold hands, done that once and it didn't really do much for me

Anyway I started slowly rubbing myself, and it was exciting as well, as anyone could come in and catch me. I slouched back in my chair a bit and put my feet up on the chairs in front. I was getting right into it, just slowly masturbating. I had my eyes closed for some time, then when I opened them, the single woman, who was actually about three rows down and about five seats across, seemed to be masturbating as well. I look around and its obvious my friends are masturbating, they never learned to be discreet I guess.

Anyway this woman from what I can see has her breasts out and is playing with them. she looks over my way and sees me having fun, and to my surprise she gets up and sits on the same row as I am, at the end. I now have a full view of her breasts.

I get turned on by this, and I just love a womans breasts, so much so that I've become bi-curious, I also love a woman's touch. Anyway, I undo my top and bring out my breasts. I fondle with one hand and have my other hand on my pussy. I start fingering and fast, it's not before long I orgasm. I manage to be quiet as possible.

The woman now moves over to me, with her tits still out, and introduces herself as Layla. She gives me her number and I give her mine, and we talk for a while, mainly about sex related stuff, until the movie ends. My friends come up to sit with me during the credits and I introduce Layla to them

We all go to the bathroom and Layla flops out her nice big breasts again, which are about E cup, then quickly stuffs them back in again when someone else comes in.

We leave in my car and Layla follows us back to my house, which is where we have some fun

My friends didnt climax and one of them actually just sat nude for the entire movie, occasionaly playing with herself, as she just had a long trenchcoat on. But I must say it was thrilling and I intend on doing it many more times



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