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Just Wondering

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I have been reading Solo Touch since I was 13. There is such a lot of opinion and difference (which is great) but I want to share my story and would be interested to know if other girls have had a similar passage into womanhood.


Once the excitement of 'boobs 'n' pubes' had settled down, I got to know about the yucky stuff...like how pubes stick together when you get wet, or have an unexpected monthly visitor. TOTALLY gross, but easily solved with a razor. I didn't get why girls wanted to shave something off that had only just arrived, but most girls in my class did and my first question is this.

How many girls REALLY shave or significantly trim, and from what ages?

Now, onto the real stuff. The feelings! DAMN I was so horny at 13. I would get wet over the simplest things. A boy smiling at me, or a man staring. Anything that meant they were checking me out led me to quickly imagine what they would like to do with me, and that usually led to my hand between my legs either in school, or on the way home. (I rarely made it home before I had to have some relief and I usually did it in bed that night too).

Second question, how often to other girls masturbate around 13-16?

I was NEVER less that once a day and often two or three times.

So, my favourite fantasy back then was the idea of being 'forced', but not by boys, but by girls!

I never thought of myself as bi or bi curious, but something about another girl touching me was sensational. I used to fantasise when I had sleepovers that my friend would creep into my bed and start to touch me while I was asleep. (Sadly, no one ever did until last year). I would get so horny and worked up I would even masturbate looking at my friend as she slept in the other bed. Sometimes, I would be really daring and smuggle her panties into my bed and.. umm... you know.. smell them, or even wear them while I jilled off.

Third question. Is it just me that has used another girl's panties in that way?

Now, in return for answering my questions, I will tell you about my first real masturbation with another girl and because it happened only last week, it is fresh in my mind.

I go to college now and I share a room with a girl called Anna. (I have talked to her about writing this and she said it would be kinky to use her real name, so it IS Anna).

We had the usual discussion about who would have what bed and about 'house rules'. Then she said 'Uhh I need to ask how you feel about...umm.. you know.. taking care of yourself?' I must have looked startled because she said 'I don't mean doing each other (pause) I mean should we agree to ignore each other, or do you want to have a rule that if one of us wants to jill off the other leaves the room?' I thought about it for a moment and said 'I'm ok with us doing it when we need to if you are.' Anna looked relieved and said 'Cool. I like to do it a lot and didn't want to gross you out.'

For the first term it was cool. Anna would jill off or I would and sometimes both together. THIS term, though we started to kick covers off and I saw how she likes to do herself. Something made me want HER to see what I do too, so for most nights, we jilled together and I guess, looking at each other.

Then IT happened! Anna had come home really upset because she had literally found her boyfriend inside another girl. She had just walked in on a study-buddy and they were fucking. She was mad as all hell, and upset too. I think she really liked this guy and that he was more than a college 'friend with benefits.' So, we talked late into the night and her anger gave way to sadness. It was cold and we were on my bed with my quilt thrown over both of us. Anna drifted off to sleep around 2:00 am and me not far behind her.

I woke up for some reason and it was early EARLY dawn. I felt her hand cupping my breast, but under my T shirt. And her hand was moving. For while I pretended to be still asleep as I felt her work my nipple. (I don't need to wear a bra... damnit) Then her hand started to move south, under my joggers and right into my panties. I let myself stretch a little and opened my legs a tad too. No doubt, this was deliberate. She went to my clit and started to tease it. By now I couldn't feign sleep any more. I rolled my head to her and said 'Oh Anna. Are you sure?' She didn't reply. She just took my hand and pushed it under her skirt. She wasn't wearing panties, and she was wet as all hell.

So we kissed. My first kiss with another girl. And we fingered. My first time fingering another girl's pussy. Of course, I knew what she liked because I had seen her masturbate. She was clearly a lot closer than me because she whispered to me 'Talk to me. Call me the worst names you can think of.' So, that's what I did. Between kisses on her neck and ears I said 'Whore.' 'Slut'. 'Cunt licker' but it was when I (for some ODD reason) said 'Piss in my hand, you little cuntwhore' that tipped her over. She came long, loud and hard. I never felt a girl contract on my fingers before but I knew I liked it. When she came down, she gave me THREE huge orgasms.

Afterwards, we lay in each other's arms and went back to sleep. For the next few nights we shared my bed but we didn't go beyond masturbation... then!

So that's my story, AND my questions. I hope some of you will answer them.



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