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Mike and I

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My first orgasm was when I was in 8th Grade.


Mike and I were in scouts together. We were in the same grade though Mike was held back and was a year older than I was. On an overnight camp trip, Mike and I were the only ones sharing a tent. Mike asked me if I wanted to play “Playboy Club” with him. When I asked him how, he unzipped both our sleeping bags. Mike and I then started talking about some of the girls at school. We described how we liked looking at girls tits and liked the way their bra straps were visible through her clothes. Mike asked who I thought was the “hottest” girl in the class. Mike told me to close my eyes and think about that girl. I closed my eyes and Mike started to kiss me. Mike told me to pretend it was the girl kissing me. I was turned on and started to French kiss him back. We slept in our underwear and soon his hands were inside my shorts feeling me. I reached inside his and felt him. We slid our underwear off, hugged, and kissed naked. We had to stop because there was a bed check. Neither of us came. However, I had never had an orgasm so it felt great just because I had gotten excited. Because I never had an orgasm, I didn’t know where things could lead.

At school, Mike asked me if I wanted to come to his house on Saturday and look at Playboys. Mike’s parents were divorced, he was an only child, and his mother worked Saturdays.

Saturday we were alone in Mike’s house. Mike pulled out his stash of Playboys to look at. Mike asked me what was my favorite part of a naked woman. I told him tits and pussy. He then told me that he could make himself look like a naked girl and if I was interested in seeing. I said OK. He stood up and with his back to me, dropped his pants. He said an ass looks the same and I should pretend I am looking at a girl’s ass. He then wanted to see my naked ass and I dropped my pants. He started feeling my ass and he told me that his eyes were closed and he was pretending he was feeling a girls butt. His touch felt good. He then asked me if I wanted to feel him. I ran my hands all over his ass with my eyes closed pretending I was doing it to a girl I liked.

Then he took off all his clothes and laid down on the bed. Mike hid his cock and balls behind his thighs as he held them close together. Only the top of his pubic hair was visible. Back then, Playboy would only show pubic hair without any “crotch shots.” Just looking at the top of his pubic hair, it looked like a girls. Mike then squeezed his arms together which caused his nipples to stick out. He then asked me if I wanted to feel his tits. I ran my hands on his nipples again pretending he was a girl.

Mike told me it was my turn to make myself look like a girl. I took off my cloths, put my cock and balls behind my thighs and let Mike feel my body. Mike told me to close my eyes, which I did. He started to French kiss me and I kissed him back. When I moved, my cock sprang free. Mike grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. As he was stroking me, he started to suck my nipples. It all felt good and in short time my orgasm was approaching. I remember thinking Oh-Oh and I came for the first time in my life. The whole thing they were trying to teach us in sex education about the sperm fertilizing the egg also made instant sense.

Mike told me that was a handjob and asked me if it felt good. I said yes and he asked if I would do it to him. Mike laid on his back with his legs spread and his arms behind his head. Mike told me to kiss him. I started to kiss him as I grabbed his cock. Mike then told me to “suck his tits.” I did this as I stroked him. His cock felt good in my hand and I was pretending I was sucking a girls nipples. In a short time, he came and I enjoyed the way his body moved and tensed when he was having an orgasm.

We were both going to get dressed but being young, we were both hard again. We stood facing each other and again started to kiss. We both feel into the bed and mutually stroked each other to second orgasms. I cleaned up as best I could and went home. That night in bed, I recalled the events of the day and masturbated myself for the first time.

The next time we got together, Mike asked me if I would be interested in pretending to fuck. I said yes. We stood facing each other as we kissed, undressed, and felt each other’s bodies. As we stood naked facing each other, Mike held both our cocks together, what we did many years later I learned was frotting. We got in bed and took turns getting on top of each other pretending we were “fucking.” We were young and inexperienced so neither of us knew what oral or anal was, though had we known I am sure we would have experienced this. All the same, Mike and I continued to have great orgasms together until we went to different high schools.

In high school, I continued my sexual adventurers with girls without experience oral sex or intercourse until I was in college. I also did not have an experience with another male until some 20 years later. I did not see Mike again until our 25-year reunion. Mike came in from out of town with his wife, and with our wives present, we became reacquainted.



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