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Masturbation History

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What I am about to tell you is my masturbation childhood history. I discovered masturbation at a young age. I was about 7 at the time but didn't orgasm until 8 or 9.

My discovery of masturbation came from the toweling of my small pussy after a bath or shower. I found out that it felt quite tingly when I rubbed the towel there to dry myself. It started out with paying extra attention to my pussy when drying. As I would dry the feeling started out kinda ticklish, but grew into a very pleasurable tingle. As I desired this feeling more the towel did not work so good. It quickly made my vagina sore. With the towel I could only get the feeling for a minute or so at a time, because the fiction would be too much.

Around when I turned 8 I began to explore more ways to get this weird and pleasurable feeling. I was laying on my bed naked after a shower just poking and proding my vagina to see what would happen. After a couple minutes a could feel the beginings of the feeling and this really got my hopes up. I concentrated on the faint tingle and struggled with my fingers until finally a nice wave of the feeling spread into my pussy. I was very happy about this as my fingers were much gentler on the soft tissue of my vagina. I soon perfected the technique and could get the feeling much faster. Eventually I got so good at it that at times I was concerned about the intensity of the feeling. I would start the rubbing and the feeling would quickly grow to an intensity that made me stop. For a while this is all I would do. Rub until it got intense and stop and start over again.

By the time I was about 9 I had began getting bolder with this technique. I started letting it get more intense than I ever had before. I was in my bed one day playing with my self and I was getting the strongest feeling I ever got. I notice one time when I stopped as the feeling faded away I felt a couple really wierd pulses in my pussy. I also noticed my heart started to beat really fast. I wondered what it was so I started again and let it go just a little bit longer. Well, it must have been just long enough, because the feeling seemed to rise up like the tide on the beach and I got these rhythmic contractions that felt so good. This was my first orgasm and boy did it feel great.

After that day I would rub myself every time until I got this new end result to come to me. One day before I turned 10 my Mom caught me doing this. I was laying on my bed as usual, but I must have forgotten to lock my door. Just as my orgasm started to come my Mom walked in. See saw me at peak pleasure, squirming around in the bed trying to stop and cover myself up. She looked very suprised, but didn't yell at me or anything. She explained that it was a very natural thing for girls to do and that she also did it when she was my age. She said I should not worry if she should see me doing it and that I could do it when ever I wanted. I had always been very open about my body and never minded Mom seeing me naked so this gave me more opportunities to pleasure myself.

One of my favorite activities was having my feet rubbed by Mom while laying on the couch watching TV at night. Shortly after getting caught I asked Mom if she minded if I rubbed myself while she rubbed my feet. She said of course not and I started right in. This was the first time she had seen me do it from start to finish. Since getting caught she had seen me several times, but for only a few seconds while she brought in clean clothes or whatever. I liked to squirm around a lot while I rubbed, but this didn't interfere with Mom's foot rubbing as I usually held my feet pointed outward and my legs stiff. As I was rubbing she started to rub my legs too. This added to the pleasure greatly and I reached orgasm much faster.

This became a new favorite past-time. Almost every night I would rub myself while laying on the couch with Mom rubbing my feet and legs. Eventually as I got older (11 or 12) I began to lean more about sex and realized what I was really doing. This made me more self conscious and I did it in front of Mom less and less until not at all. I'll never forget how much I enjoyed it though and Mom and me still talk about it once in a while. Just last month we decided to bring back some memories, but instead of her rubbing my feet we just did it in front of each other. This was the first time I saw her naked and it really excited me. We now get together once in a while for some mutual action, but it doesn't come close the our activites when I was younger.



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