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At the Gym

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Ok, so maybe when I was at school I was a little bi-curious. I didn't do anything about it other than sometimes, I would jill off thinking about a girl touching or kissing me. Hell, sometimes I would just jill off for no reason.

Now I am at college, I go to the local gym regularly in the evenings. (I know.. I need to get a life!) While I was there this week a group of girls came in who I recognised as going to my old school. I think they were on some kind of 'it's cool to go to the gym' thing. Anyway, they did a little working out and one by one left. That left one girl who seemed to be really trying for it. I noticed how sweaty she was getting under her arms, but when she turned around and got off the treadmill, I also saw sweat marks between her legs.

I was horny in an instant. She lay on the floor and did some stretching and at one point had her knees bent and her feet apart and I could easily see the sweat marks but also a small mark on her crotch. It had to be her pussy getting moist. Well it was all too much for me. I went to the changing rooms which were thankfully deserted and stripped to my panties and bra. I looked around and there was only one other set of clothes in there.. had to be hers! I rummaged around in her sports bag and found, to my delight, a pair of green school panties. In a second I had them to my face and was jilling off like crazy.

Then I heard a noise and quickly stuffed them back into my bag. No way was I gonna stop my fun though. I sat on the bench with my legs deliberately apart and closed my eyes. I ran my hands over my legs almost like I was massaging after exercise but also letting my fingers graze my panties. I cracked open one eye and I saw she was watching. Then I stripped totally and went into the showers. I started the water and leaned back against the wall. What happened next would be her call.

Unashamedly, I started to masturbate. My eyes were closed and I was having a lovely time when I felt her hand on my shoulder and her lips on mine. You can guess the rest. We kissed, and ended up masturbating each other under the shower. We didn't go down on one another, this was just fingers and kissing on the lips. Well, it was up until the moment she pulled away and said 'I need to pee.' I put my arm around her waist and said 'Let it go. Just do it on my leg.' In the end she was facing me and thrusting her hips forward and peeing almost right onto my clit. When she was done she said 'That was the most erotic thing I ever did.' Then we kissed one more time and she left. I stood in the shower stream thinking to myself 'For two cents, I would have let you piss in my face'

Well, one things for sure now. I am NOT bi curious any more. I am bi all the way. I don't think I would ever NOT want cock, but damn, I have GOT to taste me some pussy!!!



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