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A Different Story

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I've read several stories here on the subject of women receiving a massage with sexual overtones. I'll share my story with a bit of a twist. I am the one who gives the massages.

I am twenty seven and a licensed massage therapist. I have a wonderful job working in a spa/wellness center in a major city. We have about sixty clients on a given day, most of whom are middle aged fairly wealthy women. They range in age from thirty to sixty five and stay with us anywhere from two days to two weeks. Nearly all include a massage in their wellness package. There are two types of massage programs and just about everyone visiting with us knows about the two procedures. Over half of the women choose the all-inclusive massage which includes genital stimulation although it doesn't say that on the persons individual program. After about a forty-five minute large muscle massage I begin the stimulation portion of the session. I have the client lie on her back and I remove her towel exposing her nude body completely. I begin by teasing her breasts and nipples for quite awhile. If I really like a particular client I will briefly suck on each nipple. I then move to her stomach and stimulate her with my fingers and my nails. I then move down to her pussy.

Nearly all of the women who request this stimulation have shaved pussies. I run my fingertips over the outer lips and quickly into her slit. I pinch and pull on the outer lips and just continue to stimulate the client. By this time most are asking me to fuck them and are thrusting their hips up and down. I then have them turn over and I tease their butt hole with my fingertip. Nearly all clients urge me to put my finger up into their hole but I do not do this. I then have them turn over and I start to probe their pussy with my finger. At this point most are practically begging me to make them cum. I always tell them not yet. I take their hand and I guide two of their fingers up into their pussy hole while I begin to massage their clit. I know those that are really aroused because the inside of their pussy appears swollen and quite red in color. Many now beg me to suck on their clit but I don't. I have them continue to finger themselves while I start and then stop massaging their clit. I decide when they will achieve orgasm. If there is a noticeable amount of bodily fluid I scoop it up with my fingers and put my fingers to the clients mouth. Nearly all will lick it off my fingers and swallow it. I totally love to see them climax and just lie there spent.

Some of the women have this done each day that they are visiting with us and most request a particular therapist. I also get lots of women who want to be spanked but we do not provide that service.

My husband says I must set some kind of record for making the most amount of women cum in one week. He might be right. He doesn't know it but periodically I have sex with a client that I particularly like. It's frustrating sometimes for me because I become quite aroused with particular clients. Usually I just bear it until I get home. My best experience ever was with a sixty-two year old woman.

I hope you liked my story. It's totally true and I've exagerated nothing. Who knows, some day you might be visiting our facility and you'll have me as your massage therapist. Make sure you ask for the all-inclusive massage. Tell me you read my story and I'll give you an extra special experience for no extra charge. Promise!!



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