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Mai Tai Surprise

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When I was about thirty I went to Maui with a friend to do some scuba diving and snorkeling.

We had an eighth floor condo overlooking the beach in Kihei. We lined up a dive boat to take us out the an old volcano crater in the middle of the ocean. Been several times since and it's great diving.

The first day there I decided to grab my snorkel and fins and check out the surrounding area. The water wasn't so clear but it still was fun.

I was walking back through the tide, and to this day I don't know what I cut my foot on, but it got me good. I was bleeding pretty badly.

Some older ladies came to my rescue and offered to drive me to a friend's house, who was a doctor.

We got there and it turned out the doc was a lady. She gave me an injection to numb the pain, and stitched me up right there. She also wrote a prescription, should I need it for some antibiotics.

This doctor was gorgeous, beautiful long black hair and great petite body. She was an OB/Gyn so she said she never really treated guys in her practice. She was handy with a needle and thread though. Asking her I found out she does it often after child birth. So that explained her expertise.

What a piece of luck. She never charged me a dime. I tried to pay her but she would have none of it since I was friend of her mother. Mother? these ladies didn't look that old, sure enough I guess they were in their late fifties. Not one looked over forty.

I got back to the condo and of course my buddy wanted to know where the hell I was cause we had dinner planned hours ago. Needless to say I couldn't go diving for a few days.

My buddy went without me the next two days after this. I'm kicking back on the lanai and I get a knock on the door. It's the doc's mom making sure I'm okay. It wasn't like I was hurt bad, I was just supposed to keep weight off my foot for a bit. Another knock on the door and it's the friend of this woman. They offer to clean up the kitchen for me and make me a drink. Something fruity from a blender. Talk about strong.

Anyway, I didn't know it at the time, but these ladies found me charming, I was good twenty years younger than them. About the same age as this lady's daughter. They were only there for one thing, my bod. They were telling me they liked my hairy chest and saying how handsome I was. I kind of liked the attention but I didn't think it would go any further than a little flirting with them. These ladies were masters. They had me in the bath to wash my foot. I said I could just sit on the side of the tub but they insisted I get in since I was to keep my foot up. They had me take off my shorts as well or they'd get wet in the tub. and not to worry, they'd seen naked men before.

So here I am laying naked in the tub with my foot under the faucet and my cock decides that its been awhile since it had any attention, and decides to stand at attention as well. One lady is doing my foot and the other starts in on my cock. She soaps it up and gives me a great handjob, the other not wanting to be left out massages my balls.

They dry me off and change my dressing. The next thing happens the next day too. These ladies had their drill down pat. Like I said, at the time I didn't realize I was being played. I know now.

They were both single ladies that missed their late husbands cocks.

On the third day I'm fine, no sign of infection. Coral can be bad with that. I go diving with my friend. We get home and sure enough these ladies are there a few minutes later. My buddy had wanted to meet them after hearing the story I had told him the nights before. They offer to make us dinner. We accept and the same thing goes like before except this time my buddy gets a hand job from one, as the other is doing me.

Now to the real gist of this; after a week my stitches are ready to come out. I get a call from the doc the day before and she offers to come over and do it. I stay home and my friend goes diving. I never had stitches before but it turns out they don't hurt coming out at all. Tickles a bit actually. I offer the doc a drink, she accepts since its late in the day. I say I really should buy her dinner for all she's done for me.

She refuses but she she would like one favor.

'Anything doc, you got it.'

'I want to see what my mother told me about.'

'You mean my diving gear? You must have seen something like...'

'No, not that. I want to see the gear in those shorts.' Pointing, at my cock.

She didn't have to ask twice. My cock was already half hard from being with her anyway.

I pull it out and she's kneeling before it and stroking. I'm thinking she can't be a doctor, but wait, why not? Doctors like sex too. It was great. Her mother was good but she was better. I tell her I have got to see her naked.

No way, Jose!

She wasn't going to do that. She just wanted to see my cock and watch me shoot.

I would have liked to do a lot more but I made myself happy with the hand job.

She cleaned me up and left. Just a few minutes after my buddy gets back to the condo. He still doesn't believe me about the doctor.

On the last night of our stay I was looking all over for those ladies, but to no avail.

This was long ago or I'd tell you to be on the lookout for two little old ladies in Kihei.



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