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Embarrassing But Exciting Female Doctor Physical Exam

Posted by: Age: 20 then, 25 now Posted on: 6 comments
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Physical exam with new female doctor brings an unexpected but exciting physical reaction.


I was about 20 years old at the time and hadn't had a physical exam in about four years. Being of that age going to see that doctor wasn't exactly something I loved doing, but I did understand that it wasn't a bad thing to just make sure everything is ok every couple of years. My pediatrician was male but the last time I had a physical, which was the first time getting one from an adult doctor, I had seen a female doctor purely by chance. I didn't know any doctors at the practice and I just scheduled the first appointment available. She was in her mid to late 30s and it was uneventful. Since I was so young, and it being the first female doctor who I would show my penis to, I was embarrassed when it came time for the genital exam and was pretty soft. She did a testicular exam in addition to the hernia exam and right before she was done my penis started to get a little bigger but she finished so that was it. One thing I noticed is that this doctor seemed more nurturing than other male doctors I had seen before. Unfortunately, she moved away shortly after that.

So this time I wanted to see another female doctor because others seemed to agree they were more nurturing than male, and I wanted to maybe see her for a long time. I looked at reviews online of a different office of the same practice because I didn't want to see someone who also saw other family members, and one of the doctors had excellent reviews. Most of them stated how thorough and nice she was. It said she was 30 years old and had only been there for about a year. The reviews were really glowing so I made an appointment.

Once I was waiting for the doctor in the exam room I changed into the gown and waited. It was pretty cold in the room and it was around February so cold outside too, which had the obvious effect on my penis. I paid no mind and eventually she walked in smiling. I noticed how cute she was and warm and friendly. As she was asking questions about my medical history I began to notice how pretty she was, not in a supermodel type but in a girl next door kind of way. My eyes started to wander and she was wearing a button down dress shirt that was open showing the top of her cleavage. Since she was to the side of me I could see down her left breast and even see the top of her bra. I tried to conceal my glances and she didn't seem to notice. As a result of all this, my penis began to come out of its soft state and I got a semi, with the head not yet peaking out from the top of my foreskin since I'm uncircumcised.

She started doing her exam and she was noticeably thorough, doing all kinds of reaction tests and touching my nose to her hand and so on - just more than other doctors I've seen. I kept my semi throughout this and I was starting to worry a little, since I knew what would be coming up. But regardless it would not go down. When she had me lay back to feel around my stomach area I had a small tent in my boxers but not that noticeable. But when she started to feel around my stomach with her bare hands they felt so warm and sometimes she had to go near my waistband. When this happened I started to get a little harder. The tent got bigger and I thought she probably noticed by now. She didn't miss a beat and finished with that part of the exam.

When I sat up she said it was time for the genital exam and asked if I wanted a chaperone, as if I wanted someone else to witness this. I said no thanks and as she put on gloves and asked me to stand up. I was almost fully hard now and nothing was there to stop it so I stood up. I'm not that big about 6 inches. She held up the bottom of my gown and I saw a full tent in my boxers. She then asked me to pull them down and then hold my gown up. I slowly pulled them down and my penis sprung up pointing straight out. My foreskin had moved back behind the head as I was fully hard and it was staring straight at her. For a second the side of her mouth moved upward into a smirk before it moved back when she started examining the area. At this point my embarrassment moved to horniness since I was only 20 as I thought about this pretty 30 year old woman staring only inches away from my hard dick. She continued to be thorough and professional as she did the hernia check and then gently squeezed the base of my shaft. She then took one finger and lightly touched the head. I reacted with a small shudder since it was a little sensitive. We both let out a small giggle and that was it.

The embarrassment began to set in after being fully clothed again and I said I was sorry. She instantly knew what I was referring to and said it's fine and don't worry about it. She left the room and I started to get dressed. It was a little difficult to zip up my jeans with the bulge and my horniness returned again. I thought about looking for a bathroom to relieve myself but I wanted to get out of there. I saw a larger trash can, opened it with my foot, and saw it was filled with mostly dirty paper towels. I desperately needed a release at this point and took my dick back out of my jeans and started stroking. It felt so good to be touching my penis and moving my foreskin up and over the head when I started to feel the orgasm building up. It didn't take long at all and I came hard, shooting rope after rope into the can. After I came down I quickly buckled my jeans and left. I did consider seeing her again since she was so nice but she moved to a different state before my next appointment.

Please let me know what you think of my experience. It certainly was exciting and unexpected to me when it happened. Not sure if it can ever be duplicated.



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