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With the Ducks

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Best Jack Off I've ever had


This is the first time I'm submitting a story... I hope I do my experience justice...

I'm married with three kids and my wife and I don't always get time alone. One Friday afternoon, some friends of ours offered to keep our kids through the whole weekend. Of course we took them up on their offer.

Saturday morning we woke up extra late and got ready for our day. We began to discuss what we should do and we decided that we should 'wing it' and just see what happened. We had a great day but by Saturday late afternoon, we were running out of things to do. My wife suggested that we should go to an office park and watch the ducks. I didn't want to but with nothing better to do, I agreed.

We got to the office park and since it was the weekend, it was only us and the ducks. I soon found out that my wife was not the least bit interested in watching the ducks. As soon as we parked, her hand went directly to my crotch. I was taken by complete surprise because my wife is usually not very sexually aggressive. (Of course I didn't complain.)

She began to massage my now growing cock through my pants. I decided to lay my car seat as far back as possible and let her decide what to do next. As if on cue, she unbuttoned my pants, pulled my engorged dick out of my underwear and started to pump it. I can't explain the feeling of my wife giving me a hand job in our car in public! WOW!

By this time I'm hornier than I've ever been and, as she continues to pump, I begin stripping ALL my clothes off. First my socks and shoes, then my shirt, and finally my pants and underwear. I am now NAKED in my car, in a park with my wife giving me one hell of a handjob.

It might have been because of the angle she was sitting or perhaps because of the confined nature of the car but her arm was getting tired and she wasn't able to keep up the pace. I knew I couldn't stop now because I'd end up with the worst case of blueballs that mankind had ever seen. I told her, 'I know your arm is tired. If you want, I can finish myself off while you watch.' To my surprise, she said, 'Go for it.' (It surprised me because my wife isn't too keen on me jacking off.)

So now, I'm naked in my car in a park while my wife WATCHES ME masturbate. Just thinking about my situation pushed me closer and closer to the edge. With in 90 seconds I was shooting my cum all over my chest and abs. As I laid there, spent, my wife began to clean me up with one of the socks I had removed earlier.

After finally catching my breath, I ask my wife, 'So, you want to go next?' To which she replied, 'No, I just wanted to give you an afternoon you wouldn't forget for a long time.'

She then drove out of the park into traffic as I frantically tried to get dressed before any of the other drivers noticed that I was naked.



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