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Lost and Found

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It's a long story hope you enjoy it!


Hello I'm Diane and I'm 18 years old and I'm 32B breast size and I consider myself having a good body. I love Solo Touch and I would like to give my first contribution. This happened a few weeks ago. I changed names for privacy.

I study at a private high school where everything and everybody are really strict, we have more than five principals at school who are in charge of discipline, and most of them are really strict. The only good thing about this school is that we don't have to wear a uniform. I have a scholarship because I'm one of the best students of my class and also because this school isn't cheap. The only problem is that if you have a scholarship in this school then you have to do a scholarship service to the school. You can be assigned either with teachers for helping them to check exams or things like that, or you can get assigned to other places such as other offices, the gym, etc.

I was assigned for helping the principal that was in charge of the lost and found, her name was Janey and she was about 22 years old but she looked almost 18. I could tell that she was the best looking and sexiest woman working at the school. The place where the lost and found were deposited was more like an office. The principal had her own computer, an office desk and all the other lost things were inside that room. So Janey told me that I had to come to school two Saturdays a month until classes were over for completing my service and I agreed, she gave me a copy of the keys needed to open the door, because she said that she wouldn't be there most of the time. So I had to come one hour every Saturday to do dome paperwork and arranging in that place. And as she said most of the time she wasn't there, and there was almost nobody at school on Saturdays, so I could do whatever I like, such as listening to music, using her computer and even masturbated through my pants or slid my hand into my skirt, but never took my clothes off. When she was there we would talk about lots of things and it could be said that by the end of the year we were good friends.

One Saturday Janey asked me if I knew a girl named Abby and I told her I did because she was with me at biology class. Janey told me that she had forgotten a white backpack with two notebooks with her name on them since almost two weeks and maybe wasn't coming for them, so she asked me if I was willing to tell her to come for her backpack. I asked why she wouldn't be coming for them. And she told me that maybe it was because she had left her panties and bra inside and she didn't want somebody to figure out that she had forgotten them. I told her that I will tell Abby and I left for my home.

But really I didn't want to tell her because maybe I would make her feel embarrassed, so I said to myself that if she really wanted the backpack she would have to come by herself. Then the next Saturday arrived and I went into the lost and found office with my keys because there was nobody there. So I began arranging the lost things and a white backpack caught my attention, I looked inside it and found Abby's underwear, I became instantly wet and horny. The panties were light blue and so was the bra. In that moment a naughty idea came to my head, I decided to try Abby's underwear on.

I locked the office door and I took off my t-shirt and my skirt, and then my white panties and bra. Being naked at school was a complete new sensation of drill and excitement. Then I proceeded to try Abby's bra and to my surprise it fitted me well, and at last I put on her blue panties, they were a little bit tight for me but I liked that. I couldn't believe I was doing this; I was so horny and wet that I started stroking myself through her panties. After a few minutes I had completely soaked them in my pussy juices.

Just as I was about to come I heard Janey opening the door with her key, I tried to reach for my pants, but it was already too late she had come in and saw me with a shocked face. She asked me with anger in her face if those were Abby's underwear and I said yes completely embarrassed. She said: 'you were masturbating with someone else's panties on! You have no shame Diane.' It was easy to tell because the panties were soaked. I was almost crying by that time, and then she came close to me and told me: 'I have to punish you Diane'. She kissed me and started to touch me through the underwear, I was in shock. She continued stroking me through Abby's panties until I came three times, then she took off all her clothes and asked me to rub and finger her shaved pussy and I did it until she came.

After that I was about to take Abby's underwear off but Janey told me not to, because as a punishment for doing that I had to tell Abby I used her panties and she had to take a photo in order to prove it. She took out her cell phone and photographed me in her panties. Then she told me it was a joke because I had already received my punishment and she only wanted a photo to remember this day.

We did the same together on several other days and Abby apparently never claimed her backpack neither her underwear so I kept them.



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