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Angela and Anne (Our Fun Continues)

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Anne and I have contributed several stories about our newly found awareness of the female body. We can't get enough of each other!


Anne and I are still together and still having a wonderful time. We used to hate to see our husbands leave on business trips but now we secretly can't wait for them to leave! I'd like to tell everyone something humorous that happened last week.

Our husbands were travelling again. Anne and I have played with each other as we have previously said with our fingers and our vibes. We love the exploration, the feeling, and the visual excitement we share. We have both seen those double ended dildo's in pictures and we wondered how it would be to simultaneously fuck ourselves with one of those things.

Our dilemma was how to buy one? We knew we could find one in an adult toy shop but we were both extremely nervous about going into one of those stores. God forbid a neighbor or a friend seeing us going in or coming out of an adult store!

We knew of one on the far side of the city and we decided to make a trip over there figuring nobody we knew would see us. We parked outside the store. Our hearts were beating rapidly. We were so nervous! We got our courage up and went inside making a frantic dash for the door. Inside we found a wall display of all sizes and colors of vibrators and dildos. We found the double enders and were amazed at some of the sizes. Were some of these for horses? We giggled like school girls and we settled on one. We were both bright red with embarrassment as we paid for the toy.

We drove home, the sexual excitement beginning to thrill us. At my house we rapidly undressed and began our routine of first standing together, our pussy mounds grinding against each other and our hands gently cupping each others breasts, and we lovingly sucked each others nipples, and eventually we laid down on the bed naked in each others arms. We love to passionately kiss each other as we spread our legs and begin exploring each others pussies with our fingers. We both got so wet so quickly. At the appropriate time we decided to try our new device. Anne slipped my end inside my pussy and I slid her end up inside her pussy as we scooched our bodies closer together. The feeling of having something dick like inside us felt good as we rubbed our clits and moved our hips, but we couldn't ever get the in-and-out action working. Nevertheless, we both rubbed our clits together until we both had wonderful thundering orgasms.

When we finished we both agreed that this device wasn't for us. We love to masturbate each other and ourselves together and this thing was just too much trouble and we didn't think the 'filling' of our pussies with the dick like shape did much at all.

We decided to get rid of it so we drove to a nearby shopping center and went around the back of it and threw it in a big trash dumpster. Neither one of us wanted our husbands to discover that thing in the garbage! We returned and again got naked and we took our favorite position on the couch, the way it all stared several months ago, spread eagle admiring our pussies, spreading our lips for each other, fingering ourselves, and rubbing our clits. I used to think a vagina was so unattractive, yet now I am overwhelmed with the appearance of Anne's pussy. She has a beautiful trimmed coat of hair and luscious perfectly formed lips, and I love her clit protruding the way it does.

We are together as often as possible and we love to masturbate together. We love our husbands and we still enjoy making love with them, however the feelings I have for Anne, and she for me, are extraordinary. The sexual gratification we give each other can't adequately be described.

Anne and I enjoy this site very much, and we love reading the stories submitted by other middle aged women.



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