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Learning about Boys

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Learning what jacking off was


I was around 12 or maybe 13 years old at the time. I had an older brother who was 15 or 16 at the time. Among his friends and hearing guys at school I often heard boys using the words 'jack off' or 'jacking off' used and was curious what they were talking about. I had the idea that there was something nasty about it but didn't know for sure.

One afternoon after getting home from school one of my brother's friends was over as he often was in my brother's room. My brother was at football practice and wouldn't be home for quite a while. His friend, Jerry, was there working on homework and he and my brother often did homework together. Mom and Dad were still at work. Jerry was always nice to me and treated me real well and we often talked. On this afternoon I went into my brothers room and started talking to Jerry. I finally thought about asking him about my question and figured he'd tell me.

When I asked him what jacking off was, he looked at me and turned a bit red in the face. He went to squirming around some and was very uneasy. He told me I better ask my mother what it was but I kept after him for an answer and just wouldn't give up. He started moving his legs to and fro and then finally told me not to tell anybody that he said anything. He then told me it was something boys did to themselves while pointing to his crotch when they get horny. He put his hand in a soft fist and went through the motions. He said it feels good and that boys would then squirt there sperm.

At this I was more curious than ever and it finally ended up with the words 'please show me'. Poor Jerry didn't know what to do or say. I continued with 'please, please, please. Show me'. I finally got to him and he again had me promise him my silence. He nervously stood up, opened his pants and dropped them. Through his briefs it was easy to see just how big and hard he was. The only times I had ever seen a boy was my brothers when we were little and what I was seeing now was enormous looking. He looked at me saying 'are you sure'. I shook my head yes and he finally slowly lowered his briefs. I remember I couldn't believe my eyes at the size. I was sitting on the floor watching and I asked him 'now what do you do'.

He showed me how boys wrap there hand around it and started with the stroking motion. I got up and went over to him and asked 'Jerry, can I try it?'. He took his hand off of it and I placed my much smaller hand around it just like he had done. I started moving my hand and asked him 'like this?'. He laid his head back with his eyes closed and said 'oh yes!'. I could tell it really felt good to him and soon he started making sounds and his breathing got real rapid. He told me 'please; faster'. I did and then he said 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming'. I didn't know what this meant but soon found out when he started squirting his sperm. I was amazed at how it came out and how far it went. It was on my brothers table and the floor.

He then removed my hand and was now in a bit of a panic cleaning up and getting his pants back up. I was just standing there still thinking about what I had just seen. At school the next day and from that day on I looked at boys a whole different way and got to where I'd look at there crotches a lot more often. I had never noticed until then just how often boys were hard. I'd tell myself 'I bet he can't wait to get home and jack off'.

When I got older and started dating, this experience I had with Jerry that afternoon in my brother's room sure came in handy! There are lots of boys who owe lots of thanks to Jerry thanks to his lesson about boys and their hard penises and how to pleasure them.



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