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A Talk, a Gift, and a Watch

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Late night room gathering, wine, talking about sex, when the only guy present said.....


“I’ve heard of guys smelling girls panties, but I’ve never had the courage to do it. Anyway, at home, there’s only my sister and that’s too weird.” 

By now it was very late, my roomie was asleep and there was only me and him. I told him that (in my opinion) it was a perfectly natural thing to do. “Girls smell nice. Why shouldn’t you want to find out what a girl smells like?” Since this is his first time away from home, and he is a self-confessed virgin, I guess his experience with us hasn’t been that plentiful. 

“so, what would you do, do you think, if you got hold of a girls panties?” Poor guy blushed a deep red and fell over his words. “Well, I’d....you know....find the spot where.....where she’d.....um....got wet....and I’d smell her.” Well, I wasn’t letting him get away with that. “And?” “And I’d probably, ummm, you know, do it.” Again, not good enough, I wanted to hear him say it. “Ok, Ok! I’d masturbate!” I asked him where he would cum. I think he was thinking about his Home situation, and needing to leave no evidence. “I’d cum into some tissues.’ 

“Why not into the panties? Why not right into where her cunt had been?”

”because she’d know!”

”Yeah, but what if she didn’t mind. What if, in fact, she’d like you to?”

”huh, I don’t know any girl who would like me to steal her dirty panties and cum in them.”

By now, Well. It was late, wed been talking sex all evening on and off, and I was wet....as usual. So I slipped my panties off in front of him and handed them to him. 


”there’s a condition. You have to use them here. Right now.”

He glanced across at Nikki who, By now was snoring gently, but the temptation was too much for him. He reached for my panties and unzipped his fly. He had, as I’d guessed a semi on, and his cock was already wet at the tip. “Go on then. Smell me.”

he turned my panties over in his hand until he found the spot, as he called it, he never broke eye contact with me as he slowly raised my damp underwear to his face. He breathed in with a breath that I thought would never end, and finally, he closed his eyes in exctacy. “Ohhhh Becky! You smell great!” He also had a full hard on now, but wasn’t touching himself. I let him take a few more sniffs before saying “Come on, this wasn’t the deal. I get to watch.”

he wrapped his hand around his cock and wanked himself slowly. Pre-cum was flowing freely, and I guessed he wouldn’t be long. He kept on smelling me, and at one point, I saw his tongue touch the wet patch. Then he looked around. “I’m gonna need some tissues......soon.”

i told him no he wouldn’t. “I want you to cum right into the wet patch. Just hold it in front of you and shoot your load into the crotch. 

Well, it was a case of no sooner said than done. His cock jerked and released a very pleasing load onto the crotch of my panties. At this point, I seriously considered fucking him there and then, but my roomie and I haven’t had a chance to talk about what the agreed form is if either of us want a fuck. 

So, I sent him on his merry way, but I had plans for those panties! I was flat on my bed in an instant, hand between my legs, and this time me smelling and tasting him. 

All guys seem to taste slightly different, don’t they, but then so do girls. At the point of orgasm, I pushed the soaked material inside me. I haven’t had sperm in me for a long time.....too long, really. I need the feeling of sperm running out of me....




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