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Brother, oh Brother!

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I’ve known my brother uses my panties for masturbation for a few years now, and to be honest, I don’t mind in the least. In fact it’s a turn on. Yes, we have fooled around, and yes, we have done the deed. BUT, I was interested in his fascination with my clothes in general, so, before I left for uni, one hot, sultry summer afternoon when he and I were alone.....


....I must be honest and admit that I flirted outrageously with him, talking dirty, flashing my cunny at him, and genreally being a teasing bitch. 

But we got talking about my panties. Of course, he liked the scent, but he also said he liked the feel of them. This I couldn’t really understand because well, he wears cotton underwear, so do I. I’m not into silk, and certainly not nylon.....yuck! Then he told me it was the little things, like the cut of my panties, especially the little hi-cut or bikini style I wear most of the time, and the little, barely noticeable lace round the waistband and legholes. Of course he told me he smells them, and sometimes wraps them around his cock. This made me ask “Have you ever put them on.....you know....worn them?” He said he hadn’t but it gave me an idea. 

I wriggled out of the hot, sweaty and very cummy panties I was in and told him to drop his jeans and boxer shorts.without waiting for him to get a hardon, I slipped my panties up his legs until he was wearing them. “There! You look like a real girl” I leaned in “and mmmmm you smell like one too.” 

At that time he had no chest hair whatsoever, so it was quite convincing to put my trainer bra on him too.i felt him sigh, and his whole body relaxed, if that makes sense. It was as if he was adopting a female persona, not overtly camp or anything like a drag queen, he was just acting very VERY feminine. I was by now, topless, and had no panties under my skirt, well, fuck it, why not give him the skirt too? 

Soon, I was naked, and he had my skirt, panties and bra on. I treated him eaxactly as I would another girl. Soft little touches, brushing his hair aside, then I hugged him. He whispered “what’s my name.” In a second I whispered back the name of a girl I quite fancied at school. “Gillian”. 

We lay on one of the lawns, under an Apple tree together, and I seduced my new girlfriend. I stroked him through his panties, and even sucked him through them. Al the time talking about how w sweet his pussy smelled and how I wanted to lick ‘her’ out. I could see the tip of his cock above the waistband and it was glistening with pre-cum, so I said “I’m going to lick your clit now, it’s ok if you cum, Gillian, just let it happen.” So I licked the very tip of his cock......just the tip. He squirmed and made high pitched girly sounds, then I said “I’m going t finger fuck you, Gillian, don’t be scared, I won’t break your virginity” I pulled the crotch of the panties aside and gently eased a wet finger into his bum. He came immediately. 

During the remainder of that summer I played with “Gillian” a couple of times. There’s no doubt he has a strong feminine side, and he loved the role play. 

For me, smelling myself but also having his Male scent was an interesting experience. 

Fuck, I’ve got myself horny now.....gotta go take care of myself. 



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