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In the Park

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This happened to me last summer-I found your site and wanted to share my experience.

There is a park at the west end of town with a walking path running through it, every once in a while I would drive there at lunch for a longer break from the hassles at the office.

In the summer months there are lots of joggers, so I would sometimes sit on a grassy area near the path, open up a book or magazine so that it didn't look too obvious, and I would just sit and relax and watch the people go by, especially the young women.

Last summer I went there one day and was probably day-dreaming a bit too much, when I heard a voice from behind me.

'You haven't turned the page for over ten minutes, either you like what you're reading, or you're waiting for the next girl to run by.'

I turned around to see a young woman standing behind me, dressed in running shorts and a stretchy top that looked like a sports bra. She was kind of short, a bit muscular, with short blond hair. She looked a little like a tomboy, and I guessed her to be in her mid 20's.

I didn't know what to say, but she then added, 'I've seen you sitting here before, do you mind if I join you for a bit?'

I told her I wouldn't mind at all, and she introduced herself as Shelley. She said she worked as a teacher in the area, teaching only half-day kindergarten in the mornings, and after she was done, she would go for a run at lunch before heading home.

We got along really well, and we talked for a while, before she hit me with a question.

'So what do you come here for?' She then answered her own question, saying 'I'll bet you just like the view, the lady joggers, right?'

I figured there was no point in lying, so I told her I started to come to the park for relaxation and a break from work, but the scenery was what kept me coming back. I felt like a dirty old man, but then she said she could understand it, and that was why she went running in the park, taking in the sight of the young men who were also running.

Shelley was striking me as not only a pleasant young woman to talk to, but she was also kind of sexy. I could see her nipples through her top, and while her breasts weren't too large, she had large areolae which were clearly visible through the material.

I guess the scenery at hand was getting to me, and she kept looking down at my pants, and she finally said 'Am I putting you in that state?' I looked down and could see what I had already felt, there was a tent happening at my crotch.

Shelley reached over and felt my hard-on through my pants, running her hand over it. I couldn't believe how forward she was being.

'As long as we've gotten things started, I think we should finish them off, don't you?' she asked. She then asked if I was thinking the same thing, and she motioned for us to take a walk toward the wooded area adjacent to the walking path. We both got up and walked into the woods, and after about a hundred feet or so, we were completely isolated from view.

She reached down again to my cock, which was still hard from anticipation, and she unzipped my pants and reached in, and pulled it out. At the same time, she asked if I would lift off her top and play with her nipples, which she said was her favorite spot for attention. I complied, and two beautiful breasts were revealed and her areolae were even more beautiful than I expected from my earlier observations. Her nipples were sticking out at attention while she started stroking my cock with both hands.

'I'm not in the habit of doing this,' she said, 'but I think we were both in the right place at the right time.'

She continued to pump me, and I told her I was going to cum any second. She knelt down in front of me, and asked me to come on her breasts, and within about two seconds I did. She kept on milking me until the last drops came out, and I could see cum all over her chest.

'Damn, that felt and looked so good,' she said. 'You have anything to clean up with?' I am probably one of the last men to still carry a cotton handkerchief around, but that day I found out why it was a good idea. I cleaned off her breasts, and helped her get her top back on, and she then helped me put away my cock.

'I know it's probably an awkward way to meet, but how do you feel about getting together again later, maybe for dinner? If that's ok.' She asked me this without a hint of self-consciousness.

It sounded good to me, I told her, and we made plans for me to come by after work and pick her up at the school where she worked, she was going to stay in the area and do some shopping before we met.

Well, I picked her up after work, as planned, and we had a great time at dinner at a small pub not far from the park. We really seemed to click, and after dinner I drove her back to her apartment, and she invited me in. In spite of our up-close and unusual first meeting, I didn't want to rush things, since it seemed like I could really start to like Shelley as more than a quickie in the park, but she asked me to return the favor from earlier. To make a long story short, we didn't have intercourse, but I had a one hour lesson in how she liked to be fingered, and how she did it herself.

To make an even longer story short, Shelley and I are going to be getting married next week, we still haven't had intercourse yet, and are saving it for after the wedding. But since we met, we have learned there are lots of things to do in a park besides reading or jogging.



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