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Caught in the Act

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She anticipates me.


I’m home from work early but you don't hear me come in. I can hear sounds of sex but not from you. The bedroom door is slightly ajar and thru the crack I can see you at your dressing table. Your skirt hitched up watching some UPorn. It's a voyeur scene. So now I'm a voyeur on a voyeur. It's a girl riding a guy and the sounds I can hear are her on the edge of coming. Actually I'm a bit annoyed, you said you were too tired for sex when I left for work this morning and now here you are in full flow. I think I'll surprise you....

"What are you doing back so early" you yelp, shutting the lid of your MacBook and yanking your hand out of your panties. 

I'm the one who is surprised tho because I don't recognize them. 

"So, enjoying yourself without me then? And what are these?" 

"Oh I thought you liked everyday knickers and you said you prefer full cut white satin ones so actually I went to Victoria’s and bought some to please you" 

"But you couldn't wait for me and thought you would get off to rubbish porn instead"

"I'm sorry darling, I was horny because they made me feel really snug but I didn't want your cock disturbing my brand new knickers. Anyway I can manage perfectly well on my own."

"So I see but unfortunately they turn me on so you will just have to endure it"

"Endure what" you nervously enquire, crossing your legs now.

It's not fucking I have in mind. If it's selfie that is the order of the day then that's how it is.

"Get up and show me what you've been wasting your money on"

You stand up in front of the dressing table mirror facing me so I can see your arse reflected.

"Spread your legs"

As you do I can see the wet patch between your thighs.

"Oh I see what you've been up to, so turned on you couldn't wait"

"I'm sorry, I know I should have waited but I liked how they make me feel"

-"which is what exactly?"

-"secure and safe"

"Well seeing as you like them so much you can keep them on while I punish you"

(You are secretly relieved, spanking is one thing but on a bare arse it leaves marks which might be noticed in the gym). Unfortunately this is not the end of it. I take the glass of wine, half drunk that you have been indulging in while masturbating and pour it over your upturned bottom, wetting the new white panties.

" no please don't spank me in wet knickers it hurts more" you whimper.

-"you should have thought of that before you started"

I survey the soaking wet arse before me and feel my stiffening cock in my pants as I prepare to give you what you deserve.. Until now you thought it was just a fun game. Obviously you were already turned on and actually wished that the couple you had been masturbating to would have also indulged in a bit of spanx lite so you could listen to her cries as she became seriously stimulated. This however was different. Yes it was a bit exciting to be prepared in this way what with the wet panties bought to please and all, but being spanked so vindictively was not quite what you expected. The slap was very hard and not quite on the arse. My fingers had deliberately strayed south of that direction and had curled onto your cunt. This was unexpected and not entirely welcome. After all you were already very sensitive down there and while your bottom was fair game your cunt was definitely out of bounds.

"Ow! don't do that again, please stick to my arse, it can take it"

This is all I need. I can see the soaking wet crotch of your new personal panties spread out quite willingly before me, your buttocks clenching in anticipation of what I am about to do next. I soothe your aching cunt with my firm fingers, admiring its sleek contours thru the wet silk before removing the belt from my work trousers and slapping you hard between your legs. It hurts but is surprisingly arousing.

I know this because you don't flinch but straddle the dressing table stool, turn your face to me and murmur, "do that again and see where that gets you"

You refrain from actually putting your fingers down the silky front of your big girl knickers but instead grab the cheeks of your gorgeous arse and instruct:

"Well if it's my cunt you want why don't you show me how much I have to take"

This is an invitation I cannot refuse...



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