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My Brother's Girlfriend - Best Bday Ever

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Straight boy. 14 at the time, this story is related to a previous one called 'My First Time Ever'


I am a white, average boy with an average dick. I went to a catholic all boys school and have two brothers: Roger Ulysses (15 years old at the time) and Harry (17 at the time).

As I said on a previous story, I had just discovered masturbation a couple of months before, my best friend Louis Fer and I were taught by my brother Roger. Since then I became an addicted to it, I would say I would do it whenever I had a chance: In the shower, when I woke up, before going to bed, or even in the toilets at school. Most of the times I would do it on my own, but sometimes either Louis or Roger would join me. I had always wanted to see how Harry jerked off, but I never had a chance, at least until then. Being in an all boys school and not being allowed to spend the day with girls I had to use porn magazines and DVDs that my brother was kind enough to get me.

Anyways, I was going to have a party for my 14th birthday at home, you know the usual young teen party, all the cousins coming as well as my friends from school and a few more people I knew. It was a Friday and as I came back home from school with some friends the birthday party started. We had some cake, played some board games, had some pizza, etc. Then something happened that I wasn't expecting: My brother Roger's girlfriend Daniella came home and joined the party.

Daniella was an really good looking white thin girl, 15 years old, who had long brunette hair, a beautiful smile, average size boobs and a big nice ass. From what I knew about her she was really popular. She had been my brother's girlfriend for about a year.

Anyways, to continue with the story the party went on, but there was an problem at my mom's job and she had to leave home, not before leaving Roger and Daniella in charge of us. She was supposed to come back real quick, as my brother had to leave for soccer practice at 7. As my friends and I played some monopoly, my brother and Daniella were making out in a sofa in the room next door. I could see them as they left the door open because they were 'watching over us'. This made me real horny as I had fantasized about her for a long time now. She was just really pretty, as an obvious result of watching this 'scene' I got a massive boner in my trousers.

7 PM came quickly and my mom hadn't come back yet. My brother decided he was leaving as there were only 5 friends left at home and thought my mother wouldn't take long to get home. He asked Daniella to stay with us and watch over.

Around 8 my friends left home, and my mom called to see how everything was going and to say that she would still take a while to come back. Now, my mother thinks that I, being her youngest son, am still a kid and that I wouldn't like to stay alone nor should I stay alone. Therefore she asked Daniella to stay home, cook dinner for me and wait until Roger came back. I actually had no problem at all with her staying, she and I hadn't spend much time together, but I knew she was funny and, having a crush on her, could definitely spend some time with her.

I went upstairs as she cooked dinner because she said she wanted to surprise me with dinner, so I couldn't see what she was cooking. I actually thought that she wanted to spend the least time possible with me. I was lying in bed when she opened the door to my room, she had a couple of hot dogs with her, but she put them aside as she told me:

- How was your Birthday? Did you enjoy it?

- Yes I did, thank you. It was a good one.

- Just a 'good' one?-she asked-I saw you having lots of fun with your friends plus you seemed to enjoy (at this moment she pointed at my penis) when your brother and I were kissing at the living room.

- What? I don't know what you're talking about?-I tried to be as serious as possible, but I could tell I was completely blushed.

- Don't you try to lie to me, I saw how you got a boner just from watching, your brother saw as well, you made him feel really horny for being the center of the 'scene'.

- Well, I don't know what to say, it's just that you are really pretty, and...

- Don't say anymore-she interrupted me-we can still make your Birthday be a 'fantastic and perfect' one.

- How?

- Well, I haven't given you any present yet. How rude of me to come to your party and not bring a gift for the birthday boy.

-You don't have to worry, it's ok.

- But I insist-she said, and suddenly she took off her coat and her blouse leaving only her bra on. And then came the bra off.

I was marveled, as I had never seen a pair in my life, and they looked so perfect, round and soft, with hard nipples.

- You can touch them if you want-she said.

I didn't waste a moment and softly put my hands on her flawless boobs, and then she told me to squeeze them a bit, and so I did. God I felt so jealous of my brother at that moment, but as I was touching her she made a move on my boner.

- You're ready, time for your gift.

And that way she unzipped my trousers, letting my hard as a rock penis out. I was really hoping that she would blow me, but instead she put some saliva on her hands and started giving me the best hand job ever. This had been my first hand job from a girl (yes I had have some from my brother, and my best friend, but I'm not gay). It just felt amazing, she was really good at it, she definitely must have had some experience with my brother, as she knew just how to please a man. Along with her jerking me off she unbuttoned my shirt and started to kiss me in line from my waist all the way to my mouth. I was moaning so hard that she had to put one of her hands on my mouth to prevent people from hearing. This being my first experience with a girl just felt wonderful and I ended up cumming about 5 minutes later all over my chest, but I can tell you it had been the best 5 minutes in my life.

She cleaned up my chest, and then asked me if I had liked it. I told her that I had absolutely loved it. She then laid next to me on bed for about 5 more minutes, when I decided I still needed something more to make my Birthday perfect.

I put my hand on her belly and started making a descent, and when I reached her jeans I told her:

- I still need something to make my Birthday completely perfect, you know I've never touched a girl and I was wondering if I could return you the favor you just gave me, it would make me the happiest guy on Earth.

- All right, but under one condition: you can not tell this to your brother, you may tell him about what happened before, but not about this.

- Ok

And that was when I unbuttoned her jeans, and put my hands inside her panties which were actually wet. It felt so warm. I started by rubbing the outside of her pussy gently with my fingers making figures under her panties. She then told me she was going to teach me how to do it. She took her panties off, got near the edge of the bed and told me to kneel in front, between her legs. I couldn't believe it; I had a wet pussy in front of me! She grabbed my hand and guided two of my fingers inside of her. She continued guiding me in and out for a few more minutes until I had perfected the technique and started to do it by myself. After about 10 minutes she came. I had just pleased a girl to climax, even though I had heard it was pretty hard for first timers. She dressed up again and left the room reminding me of my hot dogs and giving me a kiss in the cheek.

My mom came about 30 minutes later, and so did my brothers followed by dad. They all asked me how my Birthday was. If only they knew how amazing it had been.

Roger came later to my room and asked me about Daniella's gift. I told him she didn't give me anything, but then I learned that my brother had actually given Daniella permission to jerk me off, even though it was her idea. I couldn't be more grateful to my brother, who said it was his gift as well. I never told him about the other thing that happened that night, what she left me do.



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