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Hiding With My Cousin

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In the middle of a game my cousin and I have some fun of our own.


At my family parties a group of cousins and myself like to play a game of man hunt when it gets dark. We picked who the seekers were and gave ourselves one minute to hide, knowing the area I knew the perfect spot to hide where no one would look, unknowing my little cousin lets call her Jen (13 at time) followed me as I get down to hide she sneaks up behind. me trying to be nice about it allowed her to stay with me. Time passed and we got tired of bending over so I suggested we sit down since no one has found the spot yet only to get the response "I would get my pants dirty" when I sat down I said if she wanted she could sit on my lap thinking she would not, as she sat down in to my lap though I realised that I was sitting on a rock so lifted her up and moved over a little bit. A few minutes of us whispering someone walks near so I throw my arms over her and crunch up in to a ball. As the person passes and we sit up I found out my hands were over her little budding breasts. So we continue to talk me leaving my hands where they are slowly moving them around when her leg fell asleep she stood up placing her butt right in my face as I comment she only giggles and sits back down leaning back on me. she takes my hand places one on her butt and tells me to rub it placing the other on her back on her breast. I start to rub her butt and she starts to grind back ageist my cock I take the hand from her butt and place it right over her mound waiting for her reaction. She turns her head to me and with out a word kisses me on my cheek and nodding I start to rub her mound slowly than move my hand up to the rim of her pants and moving my hand in to her panties. Someone else walks by so we both freeze, as they walk away I began to rub inserting my pointer finger in to her pussy hole slowly while rubbing her clit with my thumb. She starts to breath deeply and moan which is bad since she is making to much noise. people get close to us so we stop and just before are found I remove my hand from her pants and breast. Later in the night though it is time for the family photo where everyone from the family gathers on the front steps and well takes a picture. As usually there is an issue with the camera standing next to her I move my hand to her butt slowly rubbing it moving my hand closer and closer to her pussy. As I reach her pussy I began to play with it and by the look on her face I knew she liked it. after the picture we resume our game starting new. I hide only to be found and start to run away from the seekers when we hear a scream from the back Jen ran in to a branch and a twig poked her in the eye. I take her inside the garage and look for the key to the door. When I find it and turn back Jen has her shirt off and on the floor and her pants around her ankles. she asks if we can go in my car so no one will see us and me being a horny teen unlocks my car and gets in. We both get in the back and she starts rubbing over my pants she undoes my belt and takes out my rock hard cock. She leans in and kisses me saying she really liked what I was doing earlier for her and she wanted to make me feel good too. She lowers her head and starts to suck on my cock I reach my hand behind her and start to finger her. We both start to get in to it when she says she is going to cum she picks up pace on my cock and I cum all in her mouth which sent her over the edge in to a frenzy of lust. We both put our clothing on and head back to the party. We have had a great relationship since and we both love the times we spend together. I hope you enjoyed reading Happy Jacking and Jilling.



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