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Just Your Eyes Will Work

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This is a real story. It happened 17 years ago when I found the courage to ask my wife to watch my masturbation. Actually there was just an occasion to ask it that I did not miss. I had fantasised for a long time to be naked, kneeling and masturbating in front of a fully clothed woman. This is because I had read a book by Johannes Mario Simmel 'All people will become brothers' where a female stripper got down on her knees and masturbated with a candle in front of several men. Well, I thought it would be interesting to reverse roles. And I do not need a candle!

I had married my wife 20 years ago, we had been having sex with normal frequency and sometimes she gave me a handjob when she was not in a mood to make love. But this evening she even refused to give me the handjob!

This is not nice, I objected, the handjob does not take much time, you may remain clothed, just use your hand and your eyes have to work a bit.

Well, the hand and the eyes is still too much. I am really very tired this evening. she said.

So what about if you just work your eyes? I insisted.

She looked interested! She tried to hide it away but I knew she was interested!

What you mean? ... she pretended not to understand.

Well, you understand very well.

Are you sure that it is not perverse to watch you?

Why it should be perverse? I have read in Ellis' book that this can be an interesting way to vary a sexual life of a couple.

Then...she hesitated. Then why not. If you want... But I have still to do several things. After my eyes will be working, I promise.

She gave me a conspirating smile and she left the room.

This evening I was watching TV and I tried not to show that I was highly excited. She joined me a bit later in the living room and she did not mention our deal either. But I was decided not to ask her again whatsoever. Fortunately she understood it and suddenly she said:

Where do you want to perform?

Here, in the living room. Just remain sitting on the couch as you are, I'll put some pad on the carpet and I can do myself.

You will protect also your trousers?

I looked at her surprised.

I thought I would perform just naked. I said eventually.

Why not, it will be OK with me, she gave me an encouraging smile and added: just move the pad a bit closer to me.

I put it just a meter in front of her and she nodded. I started to unbutton my shirt when she interrupted me with a disappointment:

You will not put any music on?

I am sorry, I forgot, said I and I realized that it is a good idea to put on music. I chose the song of Nana Mouskuri ' Adieu Angelina'. Nana has such a sweet voice!

I stripped down slowly and my erection was extraordinary. My wife remarked that and smiled. Then I approached the pad and she understood that I would REALLY do it. She smiled again with satisfaction! And then I surprised her when I knelt down. She was amused! She wanted to say something at the first moment but then she nodded, she gave me another half-affective half-teasing smile and she waved her hand to say: Go ahead!

So I was kneeling and masturbating in front of my wife. She was doing precisely what I wanted. She was looking into my eyes, then her eyes slipped down to my penis and again back to my eyes; she checked also my nipples from time to time which I was caressing with my free hand.

When I was on the edge she gave me a great smile full of affection and then she fully concentrated to watch my cum coming out.

After my orgasm I felt embarrassed. She remarked that and asked:

How do you feel?

Well, I did not have courage to say that it was great.

It was strange, I said and regretted it immediately.

Yes, strange, she nodded but then she added to my enormous satisfaction: But I liked it. If you wish you may do it from time to time when I am tired. After all just my eyes will work...

She smiled at me and I was happy.



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