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An Incredible Massage

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I went on a trip to Estonia. There, upon learning its reputation for cheap brothels and seedy massage parlours, my manhood jumped to attention and every passing hour made the need for relief more and more urgent. I always masturbate at least daily but this was not giving me sufficient relief. My penis wanted to sample Estonian delights, not my hand. The next day, feeling very horny, I took a cab and asked to be taken to a massage place. The language barrier didn't help but eventually I ended up in an out-of-the place hostel. Normally, I wouldn't have gone ahead as it all looked very suspicious but I was thinking with the head that was below my belt. The place was a brothel and I had some nice experience with a shapely Russian blonde which is not covered by Solo Touch.

The next day, feeling very satisfied, I was in the centre of the capital, in the Old Town to be more precise when I saw a poster advertising a massage. The place was just next to it and looked discreet. My manhood woke up, having forgotten all of the previous day's action and even that morning's hand stroke. Once again, thinking with the smaller head, I pointed my penis in the direction of the massage parlour and went inside. There was no indication so far that the place was anything other than a genuine massage place. It did not look dodgy; it simply had a discreet entrance.

I rang the bell and said just one word: massage and was admitted inside. A very slim woman wearing a very short skirt greeted me. She looked to be in her late 30s but her body was very hot and my penis twitched upon seeing it. Once inside, I innocently asked her what sort of massage she offered and was presented with a menu-style card. There were all sorts of therapeutic massages on offer including the well-known Swedish massage but one word caught my eye and it was 'erotic'. She was advertising an erotic massage for 'healing purposes' for individuals as well as couples. Without further ado I showed her that one which was for 1 hour.

She told me to get undressed and left. I took everything off except my underwear, trying to play coy. When she came back, I was lying on the massage table. She immediately told me to take off my underwear which I did, revealing a semi-hard erection briefly before lying back on my stomach. The Estonian lady then switched off the main light, leaving only a small side lamp on and had some relaxing music playing.

She started rubbing the oil on my back with her soft hands, progressing to my legs and rubbing my bum a little, nothing too sexual. Then she told me to turn over. I did that and because I was now fully exposed to her, I started to feel aroused. My penis, which had previously fallen into a slumber due to her soft massage and soft music playing, now stood up proudly all by itself. The more I felt it grow, the more excited I became until I was as hard as steel and my rod was beating in rhythm with my heartbeat, as if it had a life of its own. It was impossible to miss this pole. Yet she did nothing and said nothing but started at the bottom of my legs and worked her way up until she was at the top of my thighs. Then she put some more oil into her hands and fully grasped my penis. A moan escaped from my lips and I was soon thrusting my hips into the air to meet her hand.

She took her time and played with my balls while one hand was still slowly stroking my fat sausage. Her touch was soft and unhurried and she seemed to be pumping the horny beast with loving attention. After my first urge was met, I started to relax and my mind immediately turned to her body which was in close proximity to my right hand. Give that she was openly advertising erotic massages and was now in the process of pumping my love shaft, I thought that the circumstances were right to be bold and to feel what she was hiding under that short skirt. I placed my hand low on her legs and simultaneously asked in a low voice if I could. She simply said yes and my hand went rapidly but gently up.

I didn't want to thrust my hands roughly into her fanny so I took my time rubbing her inner legs, getting closer and closer to her flower, yet retreating every time I came close, trying to tease her. Because she was quite slim, she could stand with her legs close together and I would have enough space to stick my hand between her legs. And what stunning legs she had! They were so long, soft and warm. It was a delight to feel them. I reached to the back and gently but firmly squeezed her ass cheek. She was wearing a thong under her skirt so it didn't get in my way when I grabbed her firm ass.

I wasn't sure if she would allow me to finger her but thought that all this teasing would get her excited. So I slowly slipped my fingers under the thin material of her G-string and started feeling her lovely petals. She shaved her lips and it was feeling like an oven in that area. She wasn't very wet but it was enough to slip my finger around and into her vagina. She let me go all the way in without any protest. I started to move my fingers around a bit, trying to feel her and imagine how it all looked like. I didn't want to break the charm by asking her to take off her clothes in case she refused so I was fumbling to have access to her pussy. I was in an awkward position, lying with my flagpole pointing to the ceiling while my hand was trying to reach up her love tunnel with her thong in the way and her skirt hiding everything.

I slowly and teasingly removed my love juice-coated finger, delicately lifted the edge of her skirt and stuck it into her waistband. I could now see that her thong was white. I reached around and started to pull it down but it fitted her very tightly and I couldn't do it well. She understood the problem and helped me pull down her underwear to her knees. I now had unrestricted access to her most intimate parts.

I told her in a choked voice that it was very beautiful, referring to her pussy but without actually using the word. I was stroking all around her vulva and playing with the thick and long bush that was on her pubis, although her lips further down were smooth. I coated my hand all over with her pussy juice while she bared all for me.

She was now pumping my cock harder. I could feel that I needed to come but she didn't have the right rhythm to take me over the edge, instead leaving me frustratingly close to an orgasm all the time. I kept thrusting to meet her hand and encouraging her to go harder to make me spill my seed but because I had masturbated that morning, it was harder for her to provide me with a second orgasm for the day. All the extra tension and excitement didn't help as they were just tightening my balls and the muscles at the base of my penis. I could feel an intense orgasm building up and I was hovering close to it for a while now.

In the end, I couldn't take it any more and gently removed her hand from my penis and took over. I didn't want to use my right hand which was richly coated in her honey, having explored deeply her innermost feminity, so I grabbed my penis with my left hand. I quickly jerked my penis like a pro masturbator while she used her hands to rub my balls just the way I like it and squeeze my nipples.

I came powerfully like a bull and thought that I would make a mess. But this morning's exercise had emptied me and I let loose a few drops. However, the sensation was very intense as I had taken my time building up to this orgasm and feeling this lovely Estonian lady's wonderful assets. I felt truly spent and very satisfied, grunting out in pleasure as release overcame me. I writhed about on the table while my lady had taken over my man-meat to milk out every last drop until I couldn't take it anymore.

She took some tissue and started to wipe my penis in her very loving and unhurried manner. I just laid on the massage table and recovered from this intense ordeal, bathing in the feeling of post-orgasm. She asked if I wanted to take a shower - there was a tiny cubicle right there in the room with plastic panels around. I said I will and she left, presumably to wash her hands. I got under the shower and quickly washed myself enjoying the feeling of taking a shower in the open - she could come back anytime and see me washing myself. But she didn't come back.

I finished, got dressed and took out my wallet when she came out. I gave her some notes and added a few more, feeling that she fully deserved a generous tip. I left and said goodbye; we had hardly spoken during all this time as her English was not very good.

I went to bed that night reliving in details the day's experience. I tried to imagine her breasts and then realised I had completely overlooked them. I could not for one moment remember how they looked like, if they were big or small, pert or drooping. I decided to visit the same place again tomorrow. I had to leave that next day but didn't have to be at the airport until midday and I knew she opened from 9 am. So I fell asleep with my manhood anticipating another throbbing day.

I woke up the next day and didn't masturbate. I am very horny in the morning, usually after I urinate and let my morning erection subside but I fought the urge to give myself some short-lived relief. I wanted to show my Estonian lady that I could produce much more man-milk than she saw the first time.

I walked to her place with an erection that got harder and harder the closer I got. I was glad for the tight underwear that was keeping my package in place otherwise I would have been arrested for indecent exposure while fully clothed!

I rang her bell and said the magic word 'massage' again, feeling more confident than last night. I could hear hesitation in her voice when she replied and just about understood that she was busy with someone else and that I could come back in 1 hour. I left wit blue balls feeling very disappointed.

I came back an hour later with a shrinked trouser snake as it was cold outside. She let me in this time and I asked her for the same massage as yesterday. I felt more confident today and undressed quickly and boldly in front of her, trying to give her maximum exposure to my semi-hard penis. I talked to her while standing naked in front of her, although I couldn't remember what I said. I then got onto the massage table and spread my legs wide open, hoping she would quickly make her way there.

She started on my back as usual and shortly after she started on my legs, I asked if she could concentrate on the area behind my balls, while I was still lying on my stomach. I don't know how other guys feel in that area but it feels amazing for me down there, especially when it's done with just the right kind of pressure. And she was doing it just the right way. I was purring in delight and had to lift my hips off the table as my trouser snake had now grown into an anaconda and was trying to drill into the massage table. I let her spend quite a bit of time with her hands rubbing and scratching my balls from behind and sometimes reaching further down and tugging and tickling my penis. I was in heaven, delighting at her every touch and gasping softly. Finally, I felt that I was primed to present her with my missile and asked if I could turn over.

This time there was no massaging my legs. She went straight for my candy stick while I went straight to her honey pot. First I decided to get all the clothes out of my way. She was wearing the same skirt and I asked her if she could take off her underwear. She tucked her skirt into her waistband and pulled her thongs all the way down to her knees. She had another white pair on. I reached for her pussy hair and raked my hand through it, feeling its softness. I then grabbed a handful of it and gently moved her whole pubis around, focussing the palm of my hand onto her clitoral area.

I remembered that I told myself to check out her breasts. So I asked her if I could feel them. She let me and actually pulled them out of her bra. Her tits were quite small, no wonder I missed them the first time but they were also in proportion to her body size and looked very pert indeed. Unfortunately I can't remember how her nipples look like. I soon felt very bold indeed and reached up a little while pulling her down and started sucking on her closest nipple. It felt very good indeed and I put my arm around her and closed my eyes while suckling on her like a baby. She must have enjoyed it because she also put her arms around me and rubbed my back. After what was a long time, I felt satisfied and let go of her nipple. She started working on my genitals, doing her magic, while I explored her inner sanctuary and pressed on her g-spot. I could clearly feel that rough spot the size of a small coin on the front wall of her vagina and a few centimetres deep inside. I rubbed it and pressed it but I was probably doing it wrong and she was not as excited as me because nothing happened. She didn't spray a jet of pussy juice in my face, no fountain erupted between her legs nor did she scream out in ecstasy. I wasn't too bothered because I was here mainly to get my rocks off and maybe she wasn't in the mood. Maybe every client that came tried to rub her into an orgasm.

After a while of pumping my engorged organ, I could feel the semen rising. I knew that this time I wouldn't have to take over and just hoped that she wouldn't get upset if I sprayed my sperm in her face. I started lifting my hips up in the air to meet her hand and let her know that I was approaching the point of no return. Her hand grasped my curved penis harder and went faster. I looked down and the sight of her small hand barely able to close around my extra hard cock pushed me over the edge. The muscle at the base of my penis tightened for what seemed like a very long time, trying to crush my steel rod. My semen then burst through it and erupted at the tip of my glans. The semen was thick and heavy and landed on my stomach to form a large puddle. I was gasping in the throes of my orgasm while my Estonian lady made sure to squeeze out the last drop of cum. Afterwards I laid there panting in exhaustion.

She wiped my penis for me, handed me a towel and left to wash her hands with her white thong still at her knees but her skirt now covering her modesty. She really had an amazing body. I didn't want to wash this time. I wanted to take the plane with an oily cock still smelling of her. So I just got dressed. When she came back I paid her. Since this was my last time in her country, I gave her nearly all the money I had left, keeping just enough for a taxi fare. I profusely thanked her and said that I really enjoyed it, that her massage was very good. She didn't say much, simply smiling. I asked her why she didn't advertise the place on the internet as I had looked for a massage online and that she could get a lot of customers as her hands felt so good but she said she didn't want to without offering any explanation.

It was really by chance that I came across this place but I still think about her small hands on my swollen manhood and how soft and warm her vulva felt under my eager hands. There are some massages worth taking the plane for...

I hope you enjoyed this detailed account of my massage. Please leave some comments, male or female.



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