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Helped by Older Sister after Accident

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When I was thirteen....

They always told me I would get hurt doing stupid tricks on my rollerblades. But when you're young and they tell you stuff like that, it makes you want to do stupid tricks even more. I had been rollerblading for about a year. I had been masturbating for about three years. I was pretty much addicted to both! I was at that stage when I would wank off about three or four times a day, sometimes even more than that. Like I said, addicted.

One day during the summer I was messing around doing some tricks and ended falling down some concrete steps, breaking both wrists and twisting my knee. Coming out of the ER I looked like a zombie with both wrists in a cast. Needless to say I wasn't gonna be rollerblading for some time, or masturbating for that matter either. But like I say I was used to masturbating all day so it seemed like I was constantly hard. I don't know if anyone's tried wanking with their hand in a cast, but I tell you now it's damn near impossible.

As time went on I was finding it harder and harder to put off my sexual tension. Waking with a hard on and having it last almost all day was tough. It was starting to hurt as well, almost begging for some attention. I think my parents noticed it a few times but they didn't say anything. The only other person in our household was my big sister. She was seventeen and had been forced by my parents to do some summer work at our local hospital, mainly helping out the elderly.

Then one day, not a particularly comfortable day for my genitals, she walked in on me sitting on the couch trying to re-adjust my stiffy. I pretty much thought I was gonna die from the embarrassment. She simply said 'I'm sorry, did I interrupt something?' and continued into the room anyway. I managed to get my cock into my pyjama trousers and said 'No, I wasn't doing anything particular.'

'But why are you so red? Are you embarrassed? You don't have to be embarrassed if you were masturbating.' Her voice sounded quite sweet and reassuring. 'But how can you masturbate with your casts on?' 'I can't, that's the problem. I've been like this for days.' I told her. 'Now it's starting to hurt in my balls!' 'Aww, you poor baby,' and with that she smiled. 'Maybe I can help you out, I mean I've already seen it just now anyway.'

I wasn't sure if I was scared, relieved or just even more horny. Before I could even consider her proposal she pushed me backwards on the sofa so I was in a reclined position, propped up my backside and slid my trousers clean off. So now I was just sitting there naked from the waist down, hard as a missile, with my sister looking down at me smiling.

'You don't have to be embarrassed, I see men undressed at the hospital all the time.' She must have sensed my unrest. She was still wearing her uniform for work, and looking at her she seemed like the most beautiful girl in the world. 'I can't get my clothes messy because I've got to go back to work in a couple of hours.' So she slipped down her dress and stood in just her bra, thong, suspender belt and white stockings. It may not be possible but I must have got even harder.

I think she knew I wasn't embarrassed anymore as she asked me 'You like that don't you? Seeing your big sister almost naked. I bet you've tried to sneak a peek of me in the shower haven't you. It's ok, I know what boys your age are like.'

Then she got on her knees in front of me, grabbed my penis and kind of tilted her head to the side as she asked me 'How do you like it? Fast, slow?' and she then started to rub. Quite slow and firm at first, then changing to quicker strokes, then slow again. She was almost teasing me, I was squirming in my seat, loving the feeling she was giving me in my cock. She must have done this before! Stopping for a second she spat on my cock, then went back to massaging it so expertly.

'How often do you do this to yourself?' She asked. 'Usually,' I had to grab some air 'about four times a day.' I said. 'Well, you're going to have some trouble for a while so just ask me if you need any help' She replied.

At this point she was rubbing my cock like it's never been rubbed before, so fast, but so delicate at the same time. I felt my balls tense up, and then I squirted all over my chest. It was the most cum I'd ever seen.

'Well, you certainly needed that didn't you!' She said. I couldn't say a word, I was too out of breath. 'Not to worry, I'll clean you up.' She got a wet towel and cleaned up my chest and my now shrivelled cock, pulled up my trousers and helped me lay down on the sofa. Shortly after that I fell asleep.

She continued to help me out quite often after that until one day our Mother caught us, but I'll save that for another story.



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