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I Dream of Apphia

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Ok there is this girl named Apphia, and she's so fricken hot! She's like 5'4'', has smooth chocolate skin, big perfect breasts, and a big ghetto ass. She doesn't know that I'm writing about her, but it doesn't matter because this didn't actually happen, it's really just a dream of mine, and will probably never happen, I'm just a poor white boy. I just thought I'd share it with everyone.

Well it starts with Apphia and I bumping into each other at the movies, and we start talking. We decide to see a movie together, and go sit in the back.

As it gets further into the movie I pull the classic arm-around-the-shoulder move. Apphia keeps looking at me out of the corner of her eye with a sweet innocent yet sexy smile. Out of nowhere she grabs me, and starts kissing me very passionately. We make out for a while, than I become brave, and my hand slowly moves up her ribs. As I cup my hand around her breast, she lets out a moan in my mouth, and arches her back so that my hand presses harder against her. She has her hand on my knee and slowly brings it up my leg, my heart races.

Her hand gets closer and closer to the tip of my hardening dick, which gets harder the closer she gets. All of a sudden her hand is wrapped around it, I fight the urge to scream my head off, and blow my load all over her. (I'm getting hard writing this.)

She strokes me, as I grope her, and my pants are slowly being unzipped, when suddenly I hear clapping, we stop kissing, both out of breath, and realize the movie is over. We know that the ushers will be in soon, so we can't stay. With amazing strength, she pulls me out of my seat. My legs are understandably weak, and I try to cover my obvious arousal. She glances down and smiles licking her lips, and pulls me out of the theater. As we walk through the crowd I feel kind of excited having a huge boner in front of everyone.

We duck into the first private area we can find, which happens to be the mens room. Luckily it's empty. We go into the stall, and the moment we do, I decide to be the rough one. I throw her up against the wall, and she laughs before bringing my head down to hers. We kiss more, than she starts to unzip my pants again. I help her, knowing I'm about to explode. When my throbbing dick pops out she wastes no time starting to jack me off. I'm already pretty wet from pre-cum, but she licks her hand anyway, and I am even more turned on. (My dick is very hard right now.)

I try to focus on her needs too, but it is difficult to focus on anything. She is wearing a skirt, and as I bring my hand up her thigh, I find that she's not wearing underwear. I slide my finger into her wet pussy, and she lets her head fall back and moans. As she strokes my shaft faster, stopping occasionally to tease me and circle my head with her fingers, I tease her swolen clit. As we both get closer to cumming things become faster, (my pants are soaked with pre-cum right now.)

She grabs my dick with her whole hand, and pumps harder, harder, faster, I start thrusting, and panting, unable to kiss her any more because I can barely breathe. She doesn't seem to mind though, because she is in the middle of an orgasm. Her voice becomes high pitched, and she lets out short little moans, grinding on my hand, and gripping my dick even more. She looks so beautiful in the height of passion, and I can no longer hold it back.

With one hard thrust, my dick twitches, and shoots. It's a bulls eye, and hits her right in the chest. She finishes me off slowly. I place my arm on the wall above her head, and rest my head on it, breathing deeply, watching my cum run into her cleavage. She looks up at me, panting, and gives me her sweet innocent, but oh so sexy smile.

Well that's it, I have a lot more dreams about her, but that's for later, and I don't think I could handle writing down another one right now any way, I think the cum would make my keyboard stick. :)

I'm gonna go jack off now, while I look at her picture and fantasize some more. Please tell me what you think! Have fun, use rubbers.



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