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Footsie Plus

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As I've mentioned here before in my submissions to this great site, most of my sexual experiences have been with women older than myself, starting in my teens. I like to think because of this, I've learned things that have pleased other lovers, and experienced things I wouldn't have known about otherwise.

One of these occurred when I was 26. My former lover, who was 20 years older than me, ended the relationship, feeling that it was time to move on for both of us. One of those people who enter your life and become a mentor, I missed her;her beauty, her wisdom, and the incredible sex she introduced me to.

Shortly afterwards, I met another woman, who became my lover for a short period of time. 'Rita' was 38, about 5'5', salt-and-pepper hair, incredible gray eyes (I never saw those before, and always thought they were very sexy), a nice set of tits, and my favorite, sexy legs. She wore glasses, and I always thought of her as being the 'sexy librarian' type. She was very conventional in regard to sex, and hadn't even experienced oral sex until she met me, even though she had been married. One thing I did notice, and that was after we started our relationship, was that she started wearing shorter skirts. She only did that when she knew she was going to meet me for lunch. She knew that I was a 'leg man', and that she had nice ones, so why not make sure I always got an eyeful? There was a coffee shop in a department store nearby, that had booths. Her favorite method to tease me when we were eating was for her to sit across from me, and start rubbing my leg with her stockinged foot. She was the first woman to do that, and I found it always exciting. She was so good at it, that it was always a surprise to feel the soft nylon against my skin. She would laugh and ask me what the matter was, since I never failed to look surprised. I would also pretend to drop a utensil, so I could look under the table, and see those sexy legs. She knew I would think about them until we got together, and the result was always hot sex (thank God I had learned control from older lovers, otherwise thinking about Rita's hot legs while fucking her would have had me shooting off like a teenager).

Rita called me before I went to have lunch with her. 'Wear your running shorts today, sweetie.' I said, 'Okay, but why?'

'I want to get in the mood early and seeing those strong legs of yours always makes me excited.' (This was true. The first time we met, I was wearing running shorts, planning on going for a run after taking care of the business that caused me to meet Rita. She said during our first meeting, that she thought I had very sexy legs).

When I met her, and we had our usual quick kiss hello, I saw that she was wearing a red mini that she knew always turned me on. The first time she wore it, I was drunk with desire to run my hands over her legs. I had her sit on my lap, the skirt nearly up to her waist, while I ran my hand over and over her thighs, finally jilling her off through her pantyhose. That led to the hottest sex we had had up to that point.

'Honey, we need to get moving.' I whispered to her. She was very quick. 'Why?', she said, a grin on her face. 'Is there a problem, dear?' She looked down at my shorts, and saw a bulge that the shorts didn't hide very well. I pulled my T-shirt over the front of my shorts in an effort to hide my erection. She laughed and walked ahead of me, those legs I loved so well leading the way.

She sat across from me in the booth we both favored, since her footplay couldn't be seen from the windows next to the coffee shop, or very well by the waitresses. We ordered and as we were waiting for our food, we talked about what my plans for our evening would consist of. The food came and we talked, and laughed as we usually did.

About midway through, I felt that familiar touch of nylon, moving up my leg. Because I was wearing shorts, there was more territory Rita's leg could find. Instead of the deer-in-the-headlights look I usually had, I closed my eyes. Rita's voice was quiet and loving.

'That feels good, doesn't it, sweetie?'

'It always does,' I said, savoring her touch.

Rita's voice became a whisper. 'Spread those muscled thighs for me, baby doll.' She had never called me that before, and I found those words in that low whisper made me hard as stone. Of course I spread my legs.

Rita's sexy leg went up from my ankle to my inner thigh. Oh, God, that was exciting, seeing my lover's leg, covered in nylon moving over my leg. The feeling was incredible; I wanted to moan. I let out a small cry.

'Sssh, honey. Lots of time later to cry out when I fuck you. Right now, stay quiet and let Rita work, 'kay?' She sounded so sexy, I wanted to fuck her on the floor of the coffee shop.

I opened my eyes to see that Rita had slouched a little, in order to move her leg up my thigh. She whispered, 'Move forward a little, sweetie.' I did.

Her foot moved to my crotch, and my hard cock.

'Perfect, don't move,' she whispered.

She started pressing my cock with her foot, slowly firmly and rhythmically. 'No wonder she had me wear the shorts', I thought, waves of pleasure coming over me. 'Any other pants would have been too thick.' She was clever as well as sexy. I had a momentary pang of jealous thought. Where the hell had she learned this?

'This is wonderful! No one's ever done this before!' I managed to whisper, feeling that I was approaching my orgasm.

'Good, baby. This is the first time I've done it, too. I got the idea from a girlfriend who does it for her husband.' She was whispering, and to show you how cool she was, when the waitress came over to ask if we needed anything else, Rita said, 'Yes, I'd like some coffee, and my boyfriend would like a refill of his coke, please.' I was struggled to smile at the waitress. You would have never known that Rita was masturbating me under the table. That made what she was doing even more exciting. I knew when we got together that night, that I was going to tear her clothes off and fuck her right in the entryway to her house.

Then I felt that delightful sensation that always told me my orgasm was near. Rita looked over, and smiled. She started pumping her foot faster.

'Yes, baby doll. Mama's taking care of everything. Sssh. Go with it, love. This is all that matters right now.' Her words and her whisper pushed me over the edge.

Knowing that I couldn't cry out, I gripped the table, closed my eyes tightly, and just shook with the intensity of the orgasm. I could feel the semen spurt out along the edge of my underwear and top of the shorts. When I opened my eyes, Rita was looking at me. She took my hand.

'Are you okay, X? You look a little flushed. I hope you're not coming down with a cold. I don't want to break our date because of illness.' She delivered this in a teasing tone of voice.

I felt her foot and leg move away. I took some of the napkins on the table and cleaned away the visible signs of my orgasm. I whispered to Rita that she might have gotten some come on the foot of her pantyhose.

'I hope so,' she said. 'I like the idea of a little souvenir from you to carry with me the rest of the day.' When we had paid the bill and left the coffee shop, me thinking that I reeked of sex, Rita took my arm as she always did, as we headed back to her store. She kissed me goodbye in front of the store, and whispered to me, 'Don't you dare jack off thinking about this. Think about it all you want today, but no touching. I want you filled up to the top of your pretty head with desire for me tonight.' She kissed me again, then walked into the store, leaving me to become primed again for our session that night.



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