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A Sleezy Sex Shop

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I am a cross dresser. I am writing a book about my experiences. I enjoy sharing a chapter or two with my masturbational friends. You will note that this chapter refers to two sexual 'Scenarios' I have made available (face-to-face and over the telephone) to some 250 women each. If you want to read these beautiful but erotic scenarios, you will have to watch for my book to come out (cum out). This tale is actually excerpted from a chapter I am writing about sexual experiences I have had with women picked up hitch-hiking.


A Teen Outside a Sleazy Store:

This is also not exactly a hitch-hiking story; but it does involve a girl in my car. I had entered a rather sleazy store in one of the not-so-nice parts of town that catered to sex magazines, sex toys, sexy lingerie and even erotic outer clothing. The owner was an older woman. I had been in the store a few times before and I knew that she catered to cross dressers; and I think she knew I was a cross dresser. While visiting with her, another man emerged from an enclosed booth designed to permit people to try on clothing. We was wearing a pretty flowered dress with a very short. Quite honestly, he looked grotesque! He looked like a cross dressing male! I wondered to myself if I looked anywhere that stupid when I dressed up. I may be biased; but I finally decided I looked more feminine because I took the time to make myself a presentable woman.

I left the shop after a few moments only to come across an attractive young woman seated in one of the chairs for sale on the concrete apron just outside the front door. The store also sold second hand furniture to the poorer people living in that neighborhood. Because she was good looking, I naturally stopped to talk to her. Whenever and wherever I run into a good looking woman-whether anything sexual develops or not-my practice is to stop to talk to the woman. You never know when something fun might unfold. I think my opening line was something about why she was seated on furniture for sale. She replied that she was the teen-aged daughter of the owner (the lady inside). Within just a couple minutes, I learned that she and her mother had some animosity between them over her living situation, that she would turn 20 in a few months, and that she was leaving with a man who was considerably older than she was (the reason for the animosity).

She had inquired what I had been looking for in her mother's shop; and this gave me an opportunity to identify my penchant for cross dressing. She seemed genuinely intrigued with that notion; and we talked for several minutes. One point that evolved was that I was very good at designing and orchestrating sexual 'scenarios' for a woman to act out with their sex partner. This peeked her interest; and I readily allowed myself to be coaxed into sharing one or two of these. I had fully hoped she would want to hear these sexual revelations because of my sexual enjoyment at turning a woman 'on'.

The chair in which she was seated was right in direct sunlight and the day was approaching maximum heat. I suggested that these scenarios take a few moments to tell. I invited her to come to my car comfortably parked under a leafy shade tree half a block down the side street. She agreed. I settled into the driver's seat and she to my right. Both of us slid our seats all the way back to give ourselves plenty of room in front of us.

I suggested she might like the 'DessertSSS Scene' (see Section IV). I briefly outlined the scene and she seemed eager for me to proceed. Now, the sex scenario really should be tailored to a woman's sexual appetite; and I told her so. She readily answered my questions:

'Is oral sex something you enjoy?' (Yes!)

'Do you have any objections about my using any sexual language?' (no)

'Whether or not you sometimes like rough fucking, do you-at least occasionally-like a long, slow, sexual fuck?' (yes)

I went on to explain that this scenario can be stretched to require several weeks between the start of the sexual encounter and the actual day of intense sex. Her eyes opened wide at that mention of such a length of time.

Given permission to become verbally sexual with her, I proceeded to launch into a half-hour-long detailed suggestion of my

'DessertSSS Scene'. I tailored about every sentence to her erotic 'buttons'. I watched her face carefully to monitor my use of sexual language. She listened intently and eagerly. Occasionally, she would interject a soft sound of erotic appreciation. That scenario proved so successful that I suggested I could share with her another if she liked and had the time. Her acceptance was immediate and certain. This time, I gave her the half-hour-long version of: 'Risky Sex at the Mall'. (You will find both of these delightful sex scenes spelled out in complete detail in chapters found in Section IV of this book.)

Having completed both scenarios and having sat together in the cool shade for more than an hour, I inquired how she liked the scenarios. She acknowledged that were very exciting. Being the forward person I am, I naturally asked her if her panties were a bit damp at the moment. She responded: 'drenched.' I turned toward her just a little and manoeuvred my body enough so that my stiff erection was obvious in my pants. My movements were deliberate in their attempt to draw her gaze to them. When I noticed that she was looking at my hard on, I commented that such was the effect of my telling pretty women these scenarios. Then, taking a bit of a leap, I asked if she would enjoy watching me jack off. She nodded her head affirmatively.

My zipper was easily drawn down and the pulsing cock twitched as the cool air blew over it. I gave her plenty of opportunity to see the reddish rod projecting upward. Then, in silence, I began to stroke myself. I love having women watch me jack off and this attractive teenager was no exception. The pleasure is heighten to a climax as I attain my climax. The sight in a woman's eyes as she watches my silvery sex fluids erupt from the rounded head of my throbbing cock is extremely satisfying to me.

Finished, I tucked my dying penis back into my pants. I recall that she gave me a phone number to call but, even though it was not a fake number, we never did talk again. I think the heat between her and her mother had expanded to the point that she was driven out of the state. I never did see her again. When I called her mother's shop, she admonished me against ever again talking to her daughter. Evidently, the girl had shared some level of detail with her estranged mother. Oh well.



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