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My Stay in the Hospital

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This happened to me on a recent stay in the hospital. I had gotten really sick and was forced to spend some time in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at a local hospital. I had several nurses come and go but my favorite one was named Nancy. The first day I met her she informed me it was slow in the ICU and I was her only patient. She told me she would be changing my sheets and would be giving me a bath in a few minutes. Nancy was approximately 55 years old, tall, and slender with a very outgoing personality. I would have to say she was too nice. But she took excellent care of my needs and issues.

When my bath time rolled around she was very professional. She unsnapped my gown at the shoulders and lowered it to the lowest possible portion of my stomach without exposing me. She washed my hands, arms, face, and upper torso. My chest and stomach has always been an erotic spot for me so I had to fight to keep from getting an erection. She pulled my gown back up and told me I could wash my genitals once she was through. She then proceeded to wash my feet and legs. Needless to say I was about ready to fall asleep from her gentle rubs. She next asked me to roll over on my side while she washed my back. In doing so this gave her a clear view of my entire back side. She began washing me all over my back. When she reached my buttocks her gentle carresses were working their magic. By the time she rubbed lotion on me I had a full erection. Even though my back was to her I knew if she looked just right she would see my erection pressing hard against my stomach.

This routine continued for about three days straight. Each day I would become a little bolder hoping she would get a glimpse of my erection straining for attention. She never made mention of ever seeing my erection as she just went about her business. She did inform me that I had received a rash on my back from laying all day on it and sweating and not letting my back breathe. She told me that she would get some lotion to help me out.

At the shift change she introduced me to a new nurse that would be taking care of me during the third shift. Her name was Jennifer. She was very attractive with a beautiful smile. Nancy asked me to roll over so she sould show Jennifer my rash and what she had been doing to help get rid of it. As I laid on my side both nurses examined my back side and they both took turns moving their hands gently over my back, legs, and buttocks. Nancy told me good night and let me know I was in good hands.

Around 11:00 p.m. Jennifer came in and told be she was there to put the lotion on my back. She asked me to roll onto my side and she proceeded to 'massage' my back with the lotion. Her Gentle rubs caused my erousal to return. I made no effort to cover my erection as it grew to it's full 7'. She asked me if I was okay and I told her I was. She told me not to worry that things like this happen all the time and I should not be embarrassed. I suddenly realized she was speaking of my erection. She told me that Nancy had spoke to her of my problem and that she asked her to help me with my problem should an opportunity arise. She told me she could help me if I did not tell anyone. Without saying a word she rolled me back over until I was laying flat. My gown was off to the side and my erection laid flat against my stomach. She poured some lotion directly onto my erection and began rubbing it in with both hands. I knew this was not going to take long and I told her so. She just smiled and continued to slowly stroke me with both hands. I knew I was about to explode as my breathing and moaning increased. Sensing that I might let out a cry of happiness Jennifer bent over and began french kissing me as her hand continued to pump me past the point of no return. As my breathing intensified so did her passionate kiss. Within seconds I exploded. I cannot say where it all went but I know some landed on her, me, and the bed. She continued to kiss me as my orgasm subsided. She cleaned me up and wished me a good night.

I was moved out of ICU the following day to a normal room. I wanted to thank Nancy for introducing me to Jennifer but I never got the opportunity.



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