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First Time With Another Adult

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This is the one and only with another guy as an adult.



As a young teenager I had had many times where me and my friends would get together and jack off. Even did it with a few relatives too but never had I done it with another adult let alone a complete stranger.

I was working as a night watchman at a construction site in California. I worked from 5 pm until 10 pm mainly to keep kids from breaking into the homes while they were being finished. I had the habit of parking in different areas where I could watch the houses from a distance and could drive up on anyone that shouldn't be there. I was sitting in this one spot that was out in an open field that overlooked the homes. While I was parked this older guy in his 50's drove up and asked if he could look around at the houses since he was thinking about buying one. I said sure since I was there to watch out for kids. After about 15 minutes the guy drives up again and pulls up near my car and parks. We start making small talk about the homes and my job there and just about everything really. Eventually he got us talking about sex. He started sharing about things he and his wife liked to do and about things that he liked to do when he was alone. This got us both to sharing about guys we had jacked off with and places that we have done it. I like to jack off nude in very public places, day or night as long as I don't get caught. While we are talking of course I am getting a huge hard on. While we talked I slid my right hand down and undid my fly and let out my 7 incher and slow ran my thumb up and down trying not to be too obvious. I didn't want him to know so I was very careful. He started telling me about an adult theater that he went to and the things that he had seen there with guys jacking others off in public.

As he continued talking I started to notice that his right shoulder was moving up and down in a slow pumping motion. He was going very slowly like me to hide it. I got a little bolder now. My shirt was undone because it was in the 90's so that was no problem. I slowly undid my pants and slid them to my ankles knowing he might figure out I was up to something. I wasn't wearing any underwear so here I was almost naked just a few feet from a stranger who was stroking his dick too.

He slowly got out of his truck and started walking towards my car. Now I could tell what he was doing. He had his right hand in his pants and was stroking his dick inside his pants. I told him why don't you take it out it would be more comfortable. He said no but then I said why not I have mine out. Now he walked up to my window and looked in. He actually moaned when he saw me like that. He said, 'damn you have a really big one..' then he asked if he could give me a blow job. I said no thanks lets just continue stroking. We did and he still had his inside his pants. I told him, hey you have seen mine let me see yours.. Finally he undid his pants and his dick popped out. Not very big but very hard and red. He started stroking it now while looking at me doing the same. I wasn't even close yet and he started to moan and shot out a small load right next to my car. By the size of the load he must have done something earlier that day too. He thanked me and drove away. I drove over to one of the homes since it was getting dark now and went into it and got undressed. Now naked out in backyard I stroked myself to a huge orgasm. He came back again later but I chickened out that time. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't.



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