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A New Chapter in Life Opens for An Aging Lawyer

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Edward's wife had died recently and he needed a new gardener. When he employed the handsome young man, Michael, he didn't forsee that his lifelong heterosexuality would soon be challenged.


Since his wife died, Edward had lived alone. A retired lawyer, he considered himself to be a cultured man who enjoyed fine art, haute cuisine and grand opera, but most of his days were spent on his own at his comfortable house which stood isolated in its own grounds. For company he had a cook and an old man who looked after his pool and garden.

When the old gardener retired he suggested that his son, Michael, would be able to do most of the jobs around the garden and where he was struggling the old man would instruct him. This seemed like a good solution, although Edward had never met the son. When he came to be interviewed for the job, Edward was instantly impressed. The boy was polite and had a youthful, athletic body, with blonde hair and a gentle face. Edward hired him straight away.

As Michael started his work around the pool and garden, Edward would often be sitting at his study where he could see the boy. At first Michael was shy and their conversations were restricted to the jobs that needed doing, but as the spring months turned into summer, they would chat for some time over a cool drink. Michael was curious about Edward's career and what lawyers do, since he was thinking of going back to school to get a qualification.

Edward was surprised to recognise in himself a growing emotional attachment to the youth and even more astonished that he sometimes fantasised seeing the boy naked around the pool. On hot summer days, Edward became familiar with Michael's tanned and well-toned torso and he couldn't help himself imagining the boys youthful cock.

Edward had been thoroughly heterosexual all his life, as three marriages and several affairs testified. Sex had been an important part of his life, but, since his wife's death, he found himself with only the consolation of solo masturbation which was a regular part of his life. He had a collection of art photography which included some explicit nudes of both male and female bodies, but these were a poor substitute for sex with another person. He had no appetite to begin another relationship, and yet he found that he had stumbled into a relationship of sorts with Michael who was fifty years his junior in years and no way his equal in status or education.

The possibility of sexual intimacy with Michael began to take shape in his mind, and he started to think about  how his relationship with the shy boy could be taken to another level.

He started to invite Michael into his house for meals, and their conversations became longer and more intimate. He learned that Michael's main sport was swimming, but he wanted to become a triathlete, and that he trained every morning before coming to work. This explained his slender and muscled body. Edward curious to know whether the young sportsman had a girl friend, but was reluctant to ask.

One very hot summer's day, when Michael was already stripped to his shorts, Edward suggested that he might cool off in the pool. When Michael replied he had no swimming trunks with him, Edward reassured him that he would be welcome to swim naked, just as he did himself. Any initial nervousness was overcome as the day grew hotter and a naked Edward plunged into the pool. He was a regular swimmer (often in the nude) and his tanned body was a credit to him despite his 70 years.

When Michael joined him in the pool, Edward saw the white stripe of skin that had never been tanned, his fair pubic hair and a relaxed penis that hung down between his legs. The older man admired the boy's youthful body but said nothing.

After this first time, swimming naked became a regular part of their routine. The pair would sit with towels wrapped around their waists drinking cold beers in the warm summer afternoons. Michael came into the house more often now, and began to take an interest in Edward's collection of  art nudes. He opened a large and expensive book of Robert Mapplethorpe's images including the one of  a black man's large penis hanging outside his trousers. Edward saw that Michael was shocked but fascinated by the image and continued to look through the book. As he looked, his hand felt the growing bulge in his shorts.

Edward came up behind him and put his hands on Michael's shoulders. 'What do you think?' he asked quietly.

'I don't know what to think' he replied, 'but why do you have books like this?'

'Well, the images are beautiful, shocking and erotic. That's a powerful combination'. Edward felt his attempts to explain were inadequate, so he switched the subject back to Michael. 'Do you look at porn?'

'Of course, doesn't every young male do that?'

'Sure' said Edward. 'It looks like you're getting quite aroused, right now.'

Michael glanced down at the shape of his hard cock pushing against his shorts. He blushed with embarrassment.

'That's OK. Don't worry about it. Look, my cock is getting hard too. We've seen each other naked often enough. Why don't we sit down together and see what happens?'

'I couldn't do that' Michael said. 'I'm not gay'.

'Neither am I', said Edward, 'But I think you're a very attractive young man and, right now, I would appreciate seeing all your body.'

The young man was confused and reluctant, so Michael went over to the refrigerator, took out two beers and offered one to Michael. Sitting down on a lounger by the pool, Edward decided to lead by example. He removed his shorts and boxers, and began to slowly stroke his cock.

'Come and join me' he said quietly.

Michael was wondering what he needed to do to keep his job and please his employer, so he decided to take off his shorts and sit on the lounger next to Edward. As he watched Edward stroking himself, he felt his cock etting harder, and nervously he began to stroke himself slowly.

The older man smiled at him reassuringly as he masturbated himself steadily and confidently. Edward admired the boys cut penis though he was uncircumcised himself.

As they were side by side, Edward as able to reach over to Michael's lounger and place his hand on the boy's muscular thigh. He slowly moved his hand up Michael's leg until it glanced against Michael's balls. He felt the rhythmic pull on the scrotum as Michael's hand massaged his cock.

The young man soon reached a climax and his semen spurted onto his chest, but Edward was taking longer as older men usually do.

'Fetch me some oil, Michael. There's some on the table.'

The boy returned with the oil.

'Pour it on my dick, will you? And don't forget to rub it in.'

Michael did as he was told, massaging the oil over Edward's cock. Michael was surprised that although Edward had the body of an old man - albeit a fit one - his cock looked like that of a man much younger. In his grasp the cock felt hard and slippery. His slow massage promptly became a rapid flicking of his wrist and sure enough the old man responded by climaxing speedlily. Edward's semen erupted over Michael's hand spreading down his wrist and dripping onto the floor.

They looked at each other with a wry smile, but the embarrassment had gone.

Edward felt a new chapter in his life had begun, though he had no idea where this adventure would take him.

'Thank you Michael. Can we do this again?'

'Sure' said the handsome young gardener. 'See you tomorrow'.



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