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First Time I Saw a Boy Cum

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I sort of regret it now, how my girlfriends and I manipulated this boy, but it was fun then.


I attended a same-sex Catholic girls high school in the 1960s. Though the nuns instructed us that impure thoughts words and deeds were mortal sins, that did not prevent me and my girlfriends from being horny, curious and sex starved (except for the relief provided by our dominant hand). In an age before the Internet, and before pornography was readily available, our curiosity about boys, and specifically their thingies, went unsatisfied for a very long time.

One summer night, when I was 15, I was at a slumber party with four other girls at a friend's house. At a certain point in the evening our discussion turned to the perennial topic of boys and sex. Though none of us had any practical experience beyond making out, we knew that boys masturbated and that sperm was the end product. There was a group consensus that it would be pretty neat if we could actually see a boy masturbate. As we talked about it, and egged each other on, a plan emerged.

One of the girls in our group, Margaret, was receiving the unwanted attention of a dorky guy named Ralph who had gone to our elementary school and who lived in the neighborhood. Ralph was a tall, gangly, pimply faced guy who we tried to avoid at the CYO dances. Margaret was borderline cruel in deflecting his interest in her. He did not seem to notice. We settled on Ralph as a potential answer to our unsatisfied curiosity.

We were in a basement rec room that had a separate entrance. We figured that if Ralph would come over, we could get him in without parental notice. We looked up Ralph's number in the phone book and, with a little cajoling, Margaret agreed to call him. On our end we heard Margaret tell Ralph that we were having a little party and we thought it would be fun to have a guy join us. Poor Ralph. That was all it took to get him from his nearby house to the basement entrance in about 15 min.

For the first time in his life Ralph received a warm reception from the stuck-up, superior acting bitches that we were. We sat Ralph on the couch. Margaret and I sat on either side of him. We girls were dressed in our Pjs. Though they were not particularly revealing, I think they added to the sexual tension and nervousness that Ralph was feeling.

After a few minutes of random chatter, one of the other girls introduced the relevant topic. She said before you came over we were talking about guys. We were wondering how often guys masturbate, Ralph about choked. But he then ventured, I guess it depends on the guy. The same girl asked Ralph, how often do you masturbate? Um, not very often, he said.

Margaret said, I don't believe you Ralph, boys masturbate a lot, and I bet you do too. Ralph was really not prepared to defend himself from this unexpected line of inquiry from a group of girls who he found intimidating to begin with. He then conceded, sure, all guys do it.

Margaret then placed her hand on Ralph's thigh and leaned into him. In a quiet voice she asked, Ralph, will you show us how boys masturbate? Ralph answered, right here in front of you? I don't think I can do that.

Taking a cue from Margaret, I placed my hand on Ralph's other thigh. I wasn't brave enough to actually touch a boys dick but I did slide my hand up in that direction. I leaned forward, looked up at him and said, will you please show us, Ralph?

Ralph looked at me and then lowered his eyes to my chest. My pajama tops had a low-cut top which showed my cleavage when I leaned over. When I caught him looking I said, are you looking at my breasts, Ralph? He quickly averted his eyes and said, sorry I said to him, you don't have to be sorry. If you masturbate for us, I will let you look down my top. Picking up on this line of attack, Margaret said, yeah Ralph, if you show us, I'll let you look down my top too. With a trace of surprise Ralph said, you will. Margaret then said, yeah, see, and she gave Ralph a brief look by pulling her top away from her chest and then quickly replacing it.

Ralph looked confused. It was at this point the other girls chimed in with a series of please Ralphs and other words of encouragement. I was rubbing Ralphs thigh while this was going on and, to my surprise, I saw his crotch expanding.

Looking at me and Margaret he then said, okay, if I can look down your pajamas I will do it. Margaret then said, were going to let you look down the tops of our Pjs but not the bottoms. Ralph agreed to the limitation. Personally, I would have been willing to let Ralph have a look down my bottoms considering what he was agreeing to do. He wouldn't have seen anything but pussy hair. But I followed Margarets lead.

Ralph unbuckled his belt, unzipped and lowered his underpants. I now saw my first ever erection and I thought it was huge. Some of the other girls also commented on its size. Having now seen an assortment of hard dicks I would say it was about average.

With his dick in his hand, Ralph reminded me and Margaret that we were going to show him our breasts. As we pulled our tops away from our chests, Ralph asked if he could feel them. Margaret said, no, you can't touch. Once again, if it were up to me, I would have let him feel my breasts. But Margaret was in charge.

Ralph looked to one side and the other at our but bra covered breasts and began stroking. After no more than two minutes of stroking and rapt staring, Ralph called out, I'm Cumming. I then experienced my second surprise of the evening as white cum came shooting out of his dick in a number of pulses. I had no idea that sperm would come out with such force and in that volume. This display caused a lot of wows and similar expressions from the girls.

Ralph did not have any Kleenex to catch the sperm. It was on his bare abdomen and stomach, and on his shirt. We retrieved some Kleenex and gave it to him. We shamelessly stared as he gathered up the cum from the end of his dick and the various landing spots.

With the show over excitement turned to awkwardness. Nobody knew quite what to say. Ralph said, I guess I better go now, and was out the back door. I think some of us felt a little guilty about taking advantage of him, but it did not stop us from an extended blow-by-blow recounting of what had just happened. I think ejaculation and the resulting mess left the most distinct impression.

That night, after the lights were out, I discreetly tried to limit the squishing sounds as I replayed the event while taking care of myself. I think some of the other girls did the same.



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