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Home from College

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Back home, living with a very elderly (and ULTRA strict) religious grandmother...after two terms of college...well, what's a girl to do?


It started, as usual, with her sitting me down after I had unpacked, and being asked the usual intense questioning. 'Now, you HAVE been a good girl, haven't you? (Depends on how you define 'good') You haven't done anything you shouldn't have.. you know... with boys? (No,grandma, I have done what girls are designed to do with boys... oh, and with a girl too.) I drifted off into a little world of my own as she persisted in her questions. I was aching to scream at her. 'You silly bitch! I've been frigging myself off since I was 13. I lost my cherry on my first night in Uni. I love sucking boys off, AND swallowing. I love sex, I love it up my arse... I LOVE licking another girl out.. AND having her piss in my mouth you STUPID WOMAN.' Of course I didn't say any of this. She has cared for me most of my life and in her own way, thinks she is doing the best for me, but it started me thinking. Three weeks at home. Absolutely NO chance of a shag, and having to take the utmost care if I want to jill off.

So, Easter. Off we went to church on Holy Thursday. He was there. I knew he would be, but he has no idea how much I fancy him. Ohhh his smile! He can make me wet just by looking at me. This time, far from trying to ignore or hide the feelings, I let them happen. I felt my clit throbbing, and the welt of juice flow from between my legs into my knickers. This time, though, I actually gave a squeeze and pushed more out. I have discovered (Late or WHAT??) that I like having wet knickers. The girl I have sex with in Uni sometimes is really adventurous and she showed me the delights of not wearing clean knickers every day,... (AND that pissing into them is really kinky) So I stood there, looking devout, and deliberately creaming up my knickers.

He came over. Asked me how Uni was going. Gave me a hug. It was all I could do not to grind my pussy up against his fucking leg! For two pins, I would have fucked him there and then.

Instead, I went to the toilet. I peeled my jeans down and then my knickers. FUCK they were wet! (How I find I love the dirty words now... you should hear me at Uni, especially when I am getting screwed. Talk about a foul mouthed whore!! heheheh) I stared at the crotch for a while. The white milky cum stains where forming as the almost black of the wetness dried in the air. I slipped my jeans off and then the knickers. Holding them to my own face I started to jill off. I knew I would cum really fast. Part of me wanted him to be screwing me up my arse, part of me wanted to be licking Jessica's cunt out. When the orgasm hit I pushed the crotch of my knickers up my hole. When I pulled them out, they were totally soaked. I tugged up my jeans and walked back into the church. I walked over to the organ where he sits, and, lifting the keyboard cover, put them in a neat pile beside the manuals. Going back to my place, I knelt and prayed. Prayed that he would find them. He did. I saw him open the organ and look incredulously for a moment. Then he looked around the church before picking them up... AND GOING TO THE TOILET. I so hope he cummed in them. How I wish he knew they were mine. How I wish he had given them back to me covered in his sperm. Kneeling there, I felt more wetness, and realised that I could smell my own cunt.

Later, that night in bed, I had a lovely fantasy about him. I imagined him raping me. (I TOTALLY love the rape fantasy) In it, he had thrown me down on the floor of the church and had spread my legs. He tore my knickers to one side and fucked me raw in front of the whole congregation and the priest. I orgasmed at least ten times before I went to sleep. The following morning I woke up to find my sheets sticky. Guess I have some secret washing to do today! I also treated myself to removing all my pubic hair today.

AND I intend to wear a very sheer summer dress and nothing underneath today... a girl has to find SOME release while she's home from Uni, right?



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