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First Ejaculations

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Reading Tom's story (My First Orgasm, 2 June) reminded me of how incredible those first few wanks were. However good they are after that, you never quite recapture the excitement of the first ones.

Puberty reached me fairly early - I had a visible moustache at the age of nine, and my voice was one of the first to break, when I was about 13. But by then I had already started wanking. It was in the second year at secondary school so I would have been 12. I knew about sex, but no more than the basics, and the rest I had to pick up from school friends. One in particular, called Tobin, was very knowledgeable and worldly. Girly magazines used to circulate around the school and to get one home and spend an hour reading it was like heaven. Eventually I acquired a little collection - about half a dozen, hidden under the carpet.

I don't remember talking much about wanking, I think I probably discovered it by myself. So I didn't know what to expect. So when rubbing my cock first produced this amazing feeling I was actually quite scared and stopped.

Thinking about it, though, I thought it couldn't do any harm, so I decided that the next day I would just let the feeling continue - indefinitely, I thought. Well, of course I was disappointed on that score. It was about 6 o'clock in the evening on a school day, probably in early summer, and I did it standing up in the bathroom. What I will never forget was the fierce burning sensation in my balls as the semen got itself onto the starting blocks waiting for the order. Then when the order came it felt as though there was a little pump churning away in my balls sending out wave after wave of the stuff rushing through my cock. And my balls seemed to keep jumping up and down for ages afterwards.

When I mentioned to Tobin that I had ejaculated he refused to believe me. 'You can't have an ejaculation at your age' he scoffed. But I knew he was wrong. So he wasn't quite so knowledgeable after all, although it was annoying not being able to prove it.

From then on I wanked practically every day, sometimes twice a day. I used various techniques for getting rid of the unwanted semen - sometimes I would collect it in my hand and then lick it off and swallow it. This I did quite regularly for a few years, but eventually it started to make me feel queasy. Other times I would rub it into my stomach and thighs like cream, where it vanished. And other times I leant underneath the bed and just wiped my hand on an old tent that was kept there. What happened to the tent I have no idea. And I hate to think how my room must have stunk - it was only years later that I realized now much the smell lingers.

One other thing produced a fantastic sensation in the early days - using a rolled-up sock. I think I have seen this mentioned by others. I used to roll a sock into a sort of cylinder shape around my fingers so that it would lightly slide over my cock. This gave me the most amazing feeling, but I don't think I ever managed to come off that way, for that I had to use my hand. Tobin was very scornful about the sock too. It only worked for a bit, maybe a few years at the most. I think the feeling must have been so delicate that soon my cock got desensitized through wanking.

Wanking is still great, but I often wish I could recapture those incredible first few orgasms.



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