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My First Masturbation Experience Was at Age 21

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My first masturbation experience was at age 21 and was probably my best ever!


From puberty up to age 21 I was just having the usual wet-dreams which, apart from attempting the cleaning up afterwards, never really bothered me - I just thought it was how life was. I never got any comments from my mum and dad about the 'mysterious' stains in my pyjamas and bed linen. In fact, I never had any advice on sexual matters from them at all. On the particular night in question I guess I was nearing another 'event' from a wet-dream but woke up probably because my erection got caught up in my pyjamas as it felt really huge (I'm actually only average when hard). I started touching it because it felt very sensitive and then instinctively began rubbing it slowly up and down. I'm uncut so was able to slide the foreskin back and forth over the tip with each stroke. It's obvious where this is going but I had absolutely no idea at that time. I kept up the same slow pace and it simply felt better and better. After all these years I can't remember how long it took but when I eventually climaxed and ejaculated it was the most awesome feeling ever! I was too overwhelmed to be in any way 'worried' about what had happened. I do remember a big cleanup involving getting toilet paper from the bathroom in a vague attempt to remove the evidence. Still, nothing was said by my parents. That whole experience really 'blew' me away so the next night I began 'from scratch' and touched my flaccid penis until I got another erection. This time I shot my load into a handkerchief so there was nothing to clean up. Needless to say I'd had my last wet-dream!

I was travelling overseas with family earlier this year and I was sharing hotel rooms with my sister. Because the family were all travelling together and we were away for almost a month, I never got the chance to get enough privacy to masturbate. I was diagnosed with a slightly enlarged prostate a few years ago and about three weeks into our trip I began to experience a lot of discomfort when urinating which had never happened to me before. It began to bother me so I felt I had to say something to my sister since we were sharing a room. We'd never talked about sexual or personal matters before so I had to apologise for being somewhat frank. I told her about my situation and that since I normally ejaculated two or three times a week, I felt that I needed to do what was necessary as a matter of urgency to release the pressure of my prostate so I could hopefully pee normally again. She understood immediately so I told her I would see to it in the bathroom in our hotel room that night after we'd both finished in there. Anyway, I had a very pleasurable session and a very copious ejaculation which, I'm pleased to say 'cleared the tubes' magnificently!

To bring the story right up to date, I've remained single, live alone and actually never had sex. I'm straight and never really 'looked' for a partner and now see myself as somewhat 'set in my ways'. However, I'm happily retired and enjoying travelling with relatives and friends. As I mentioned, I masturbate two or three times a week at home and having perfected the familiar 'stop and go' method a long time ago still enjoy the experience immensely. Given the time I can still last up to two hours before letting go and it's true that the orgasm is stronger and the volume of semen certainly greater. Anyone who hasn't tried the 'stop and go method' should try. It changed my masturbation experience forever!

Lastly, I would like to say that I've never discussed any of these matters with anybody before (apart from the episode during the recent overseas trip detailed above) and I'm delighted to have this opportunity to share my story at last!



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