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Even before planking became a thing, it was a proven technique to get my ‘rocks off.’

Back in the days when I was the equivalent of the 90lb weakling, at least in terms of weight, I discovered that rubbing my pubic region through the force of gravity usually ended up in intense dry orgasms. So this was my preferred means of getting off, a full body orgasm over a localized penile orgasm. 


There were many places that this could be done and those watching would be none the wiser to what was going on. You’d be swinging while leaning into a hard surface, massaging at the point of pressure. The usual spots were on the edge of beds or on hardwood floors. Carpeted floors worked well too, adding that furry feel, *shivers.* Other places would be rails and banisters, balustrades and stone walls, couch edges and picket fences, car fenders and pool edges. Any structure that jutted out and carry weight was always a candidate. Even wrestling partners were not safe from the planking grind. 



But all good things come to an end. As mentioned in my story: Rocking Horse, I began getting older and filling out to the point that I was too heavy and the crushing of the pelvis was not an ideal, sexy feel. To continue to pleasure oneself in such manner involved an adjustment requiring my palm to my pubis flat on the bed. To add pressure, I balled up my other fist and pushed upward against my palm thus allowing for grinding and humping. 



As ejaculation became the norm, I finally gave up penile masturbation and messy clean ups. There are times when vaginal penetration involves the grinding of pubic bones and when that happens brings me back to younger solo days. Missionary frotting also has similar effects. Perhaps you have had similar techniques and experiences?




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