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Female Bodybuilder

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There's this female bodybuilder / personal trainer in my gym. Her name is Sonia and she puts most guys there to shame. She is amazingly muscular, and can lift weights that you wouldn't believe!

Here are just some of her stats - she's around 5'6', biceps 17', thighs 24', torso 42', waist 28', calves 17'.

Initially, I was really intimidated by her (who wouldn't) but over time, I got to know her better and learnt that she's a real sweet lady. She's all business when she's working out, but outside the gym, she's one of the sweetest things you'd ever meet.

To be as muscular as her, a woman would need to take an immense amount of hormone (testosterone) pills and though I never did ask her, I'm certain she was taking anabolic steroids as well.

She looked exactly like how those pro-female bodybuilders on TV looked. Because of the hormone pills as well, she had quite a deep voice.

Anyway, one day, after working late, I reached the gym 1/2 hour before close. There was no one else there, except for Sonia. She was the late shift trainer and it was her job to close up that night.

As she's quite familiar with me, she was nice enough to let me continue working out in the gym even when it was time to close up.

The gym closes at 10pm. It was almost time to close, but she told me that I could still continue to work out if I wanted to. I did, as she went into the shower.

I was done not long after, and went into the stall next to hers and decided to shower also. We got to talking (across shower stalls), and she was saying that it was quite difficult to meet a guy that couldn't see beyond her physical appearance, adding that a lot of guys were either intimidated or disgusted by her appearance.

I told her not to worry, and said that there were many guys that like female bodybuilders. I don't if I was lying when I say that. Though I don't speak for other guys, I have to admit that I did find muscular women hot (sometimes). It depends on my mood, really.

She said many guys were nice to her but never wanted to be intimate with her. She told me it was mostly lesbians that were attracted to her.

From the other stall, I told her that I thought she had a fantastic body, and that I wouldn't mind getting intimate with her if she'd let me.

I'm not sure why I said that, but there was an awkward silence for a while. Then she said 'you're just saying that,' and I told her 'no,' and that I really thought she was hot.

I told her if given a chance, the next time she went for a bodybuilding competition, I'd love to be the guy that 'oiled her up.'

Then, I heard the water from her shower stop, and she stepped out of her stall. I showered a couple of minutes more. I then wiped up, got dressed and came out.

To my surprise, I saw Sonia standing in front of my stall, still clad in her towel, her hair and body still partially wet.

'Prove it. Prove to me you think I'm hot,' she said, as she dropped her towel to the floor, revealing her well-chiseled physique.

I was stunned, and speechless. The first thing that got my attention was her breasts. From the top, they start off looking like a man's chest but as they reach the bottom they resembled a woman's.

She had an amazingly toned mid-section, and noticed that she shaved. And for a brief minute, I actually thought I saw a tiny penis hanging from between her legs, but it was her clit - and it was huge!

'Do you like what you see,' she asked, and I was still speechless.

'You can touch me if you want to,' she told me, and reluctantly, I reached out my hand, and caressed her chest. They were firm at the top and soft at the bottom. I rubbed my palm against her nipples, which were soft.

I then felt her abs, and went lower, but stopped. Sonia was breathing heavily now, and told me to go lower. I didn't move.

She then grabbed my hand, and placed it between her legs. Her clit was huge!

She then unzipped my pants, whipped out my now hardening cock, and started to caress and stroke it. She had the most amazing grip. She squeezed my cock so hard it was both arousing and painful at the same time. A few times I had to tell her to slow down, though.

It was amazing, I had never done anything like this before. Before long, I came, and shot all over her abs and thigh.

I continued to pleasure her a while more, until I think she came too. I suddenly felt a stream of liquid fill my hand.

She then hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for 'making her feel like a woman after a long time.'

Needless to say, I soon became her official 'oil-guy' and was the one to rub her down with oil every time before a competition.

She'd let me oil her completely naked, and I really used to enjoy it. We had many 'private late-night moments' in the gym, until it got to a point where we 'took it to the next level.'



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