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Reliving Teen Experiences with Annie

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Annie, my wife, and I decide to re-live some of our teen masturbation experiences.


Annie, my wife, and I read a lot of stories on the site over the holidays and met some new friends on here and it got us thinking of our first experiences with each other back in our teens, long before there was anything romantic between us, when we would masturbate together (Annie, Jen my sister, Melissa their other friend, and me. Entirely separate stories, I should share. Anyway, we decided that we should try and re-live some of that fun and incorporate it more regularly in our sex life. We both like watching and being watched. Annie in particular has a thing for watching guys jack off, really does it for her. But, we didn't actually agree on how, when, etc. and it kind of dropped.

So, last Monday I come home at my usual time and find Annie in short loose runner shorts and somewhat tight tank top, kind of unusual as it's pretty cold outside. Her tight petite body looks fucking great in anything and I was already wanting to get done with dinner quickly and have her for dessert. We have a normal dinner, chatting about our day, the news, etc. Pretty standard.

After dinner, Annie goes into the den, flops down in one of our big leather chairs and turns on the TV, not what I had in mind. I made some remark letting her know what I was thinking and she kind of blew me off. So, I go change clothes into my normal shorts and T-shirt and come back. Wondering if I did something wrong, how to get her naked, etc. Annie is a naughty girl with a very high sex drive, but not crude. I can't normally just ask her to fuck or anything even like that, sometimes, but generally being that direct and crude has the entirely opposite effect. Have to save the naughty talk for when things are actually happening or let her start it, which she often does.

So, we're sitting there watching some movie. She is sitting kind of sideways in her chair, her slender legs spread open a bit so I can see her white panties up the leg of her shorts. (I love simple white cotton bikini panties. They are so sexy). I can see her taught torso, firm little breasts, and hard nipples through her top. I am not really watching the movie; I am watching her, a serious chubby growing in my shorts.
We're sitting there for several minutes, like 20 or something, and I am growing more frustrated by the minute. I can't believe she really wants to watch this stupid movie instead of getting naked and having fun! I know she can sense it.

After a bit longer, Annie's hands start to roam slowly around her body. A slow stroke up her high and under the leg of her shorts. Another up her torso and around a nipple. She is not even looking at me and she is driving me crazy! The strokes become bolder. She is sliding her fingers over her pussy through her panties, up the leg of her short. Pinching and pulling on her nipples through her tank top. Still not looking at me. I am at full erection and rubbing my own cock through my shorts. Deciding when is the right time to approach her.

Her hand slides down under her shorts and panties and I can see she is fingering her slit. Another hand under her top playing with her breasts. I watch for a bit and decide it's time to make my move. She must be ready, she was just teasing me.

Thinking she will acquiesce to the bulge in my shorts, I get up and take the few steps across to her and stand in front of her. Normally, this would get my shorts whipped down and the fun would start. Annie mutes the TV, turns her head looks at me, no grin, just those strong blue eyes. She shifts, puts one foot up on my stomach (I am thinking she wants me to whip her shorts off I am certainly game for that!) and shoves me back down onto the large leather ottoman we have. Still being stupid, I think she is going to climb on top. This has happened many times before. We actually got the large ottoman just for sex as it is the perfect height and width.

I am waiting a second to feel her climbing on top of me, but no she's not there. I look up resting on my elbows and she is just staring at me one had in her shorts and the other pulling up her top to expose her wonderful little titties. God, I do love her small breasts (maybe a B or so). Finally, being the dumb shit that I am, I realize what is going on. I grab a couple of our large floor pillows so I can lean back against them and scoot the ottoman closer to her so that we are only a couple of feet apart and start to openly rub my throbbing cock through my shorts, making sure she can see how hard I am. Now she is watching.

Not saying a word to each other, somewhat unusual for us, we continue. I follow her lead and slide my hand under the waist of my shorts and gently stroke myself, her hands busy under her own shorts. I take my T-shirt off, she her tank top. I pull my shorts down after a bit, leaving my boxers on, my hand under them. I finally get a little grin from her. Annie does the same. I can smell her. Both of us have large wet spots on our underwear.

Finally, she slides her panties down and leans back. Her legs open wide. I can see her beautiful smooth pussy, her erect clit. Annie has decent size inner lips and they are swollen and flushed (I love to suck them into my mouth and want to so badly right now). She spreads herself open for me, showing herself to me. I slide my boxers off and repay her with the sight of raging cock and smooth balls (we are both completely smooth down there).

We finger play with ourselves. I love the sight of her fingers dancing up and down her slit and around her back door, teasing herself. I am doing the same with myself. Our eyes soaking each other up.

Her finger play grows bolder and now she is dipping into her pussy, lightly fingering herself. The fingers of her other hand doing the same to her butt. Her pussy is so wet, glistening. Annie licks the juices from her fingers, she knows this drives me crazy. In the spirit, I lick the precum from my fingers. I don't normally do this and she knows it. I can tell she liked it.

Now we are fully masturbating. Enough teasing, time for business. Annie is furiously fingering her pussy with first two then three fingers. I notice she has no toys or finger vibrator (her favorite). Just like when we were teens before she had those things (well she did get them pretty quickly, but at first you had to do it the old fashioned way). One finger of her other hand sliding in and out of her butt. Fuck she is so hot! I am pumping my cock and fondling my balls, but feeling a bit disadvantaged as I have no lube and don't want to get up to get some. After a bit, Annie reached under the pillow behind her and pulled out a small lube bottle and tossed it to me. My wonderful girl! She knew I would need this. All lubed up, I leaned back to give her good show. Like I said before, she likes to watch guys jack off.

I don't know how long we did this, but it was a while. The squishy sound of her plunging fingers and my sliding ones, and our moans, filling the room. Annie brought herself to several orgasms, apparently very good ones judging by how hard her toes were curled. Me controlling myself, I like to edge and am quite good at it. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. Just as Annie was building to her final orgasm, I came. I hadn't cum since earlier that day (I jack off pretty much every morning) and it was strong and large. My cum spurting all over my chest and stomach. I knew Annie would like the sight of that and she did. Her eyes wide as she watched and then clenched tight as her orgasm hit.
We each relaxed back, watching each other, panting. I winked at her as she tasted her fingers and lay back , eyes closed, basking in the glow.

Soon I felt her climb over me, kissing me on the neck and cheek, finally a long passionate kiss. My arms around her shoulders. Annie continued kissing down, down, licking most of the cum from my body. Down further and further, she takes me in her mouth and begins to suck me back to full hardness. I recover quickly and soon her efforts are rewarded. She climbs on top of me and?. Well, let?s just say we gave the ottoman a good workout.



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